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The anthology film showcases three independent stories that capture the experience of small Indian towns and villages where people take incredible measures to survive. 

Details about Lantrani Movie :

Movie Released Date
9 Feb 2024
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Johnny Lever
  • Nimisha Sanjayan
  • Jisshu Sengupta
  • Sanjay Mahanand
  • Gurvinder Singh
  • Bhaskar Hazarika
  • Kaushik Ganguly

Keypoints about Lantrani :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 39m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

LANTRANI: National Award-Winning Director's Entertaining Stories hit the Bulls Eye

The Film follows the different segments of small towns and rural worlds where people take absurd measures to survive.  Lantrani is movie Directed by three national AWARD-WINNING directors Gurvinder Singh, Bhaskar Hazarika, and Kaushik Ganguly. Lantrani consists of a very impactfull cast which is Johnny Lever, Jitendra Kumar and Jisshu Sengupta among others.

Lantrani Movie Plot

The newest anthology film, "Lantrani," is the result of the collaboration of three national award-winning filmmakers: Bhaskar Hazarika, Kaushik Ganguly, and Gurvinder Singh. Their three independent films, "Sanitised Samachar," "Hud Hud Dabang," and "Dharna Mana Hai," are all included under the "Lantrani" banner. Every movie in the collection depicts the ridiculous reality of India's rural areas.

The First story “Hud Hud Dabang” is a tale of a noble policeman who has worked a desk job at the police station for 25 years. He is given access to a gun and a bullet bike to take a criminal to his court hearing. Later, he learns more about the prisoner's life and decides to let him escape. The interesting part is why does he do that? What makes him take this decision and help a criminal?

The Second story “Dharna Mana Hai” tells the story of a scheduled caste woman who gets selected as a first-time member of the Sarpanch. She soon realizes that even though she has made it to the Sarpanch, she has no real power. She and her husband embark on a protest that takes an unusual turn outside of the DDO's office to fight the system.

The Third story “Sanitized Samachar” in this film, to save their local news channel from shutting down, a group of employees must telecast a live primetime bulletin with their COVID-positive journalist for a hand sanitizer sponsor called Covinaash. With their livelihood at stake, they decide that whatever happens, the show must go on. I've given an observational treatment to the film, inviting audiences to peer into the world of a small news studio without becoming a part of it.

Lantrani Movie Cast

The Movie Features Johnny Lever as Dilip Awasthi in the first film “Hud Hud Dabang” with Jisshu Sengupta making them a great pair on the big screen. Then comes “Dharna Mana Hai” featuring the talented Jitendra Kumar as Debu and Malayalam actress Nimisha Sajayan as Gomti Devi making them another amazing duo to watch and stay engaged.

Lantrani Movie OTT Release Date

You can watch Lantrani full movie online on ZEE5 streaming platform from February 9, 2024, onwards. On ZEE5, you can also access popular Johnny Lever and other comedy and drama movies from the comfort of your home.

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