Jamai Raja

Episode 8 - Jamai Raja

E 8

13 Aug 2014

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Siddharth arrives on time and bashes up the goons and also warns the manager for the last time, he later is about to tell Roshni that he is the real Siddharth Khurana but Roshni shows her hatred towards the Khuranas and hearing her Siddharth decides against revealing the truth. Later Siddharth tells his father about the manager and also tells him about Roshni. His father gives him some suggestions and asks him to use the auto rickshaw. While in the auto he meets Durgadevi and again she gets irritated with him after the two of them get into an argument. Durgadevi gets upset when she realizes that she has arrived late for the meeting and her deal has been cancelled. Later, Siddharth meets Roshni and her kids of the NGO and gives them a cheque and also tries to interact more with Roshni. Watch the entire episode here.Watch the latest episode of Jamai Raja.