Jamai Raja

Episode 7 - Jamai Raja

E 7

12 Aug 2014

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Roshni manages to escape from her room to save the NGO of her kids, meanwhile some goons have been sent to kill Roshni. Roshni gets scared seeing the goons but just then the children come there and save her. Later Siddharth comes there and seeing him the goons run away. Siddharth later finds out that his manager has been cheating him all the while and realizes the truth about all the misunderstandings. Later one of the kids feel that Siddharth is the person against whom Roshni is fighting, hearing this Siddharth realizes that he is in a fix and lies to her that he is a different Siddharth. Later, Siddharth gets furious with his manager and this further gets the manager furious and he sends his goon to bring down the entire NGO. What will Siddharth and Roshni do to save the NGO? Watch the entire episode here to find out.Watch the latest episode of Jamai Raja.