Jamai Raja

Episode 6 - Jamai Raja

E 6

11 Aug 2014

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Siddharth is upset about his father's dream project that he is handling not going on well and takes a stroll on the beach. Roshni sees him upset and decides to cheer him up as Siddharth has been cheering her up all the time. She goes to him and manages to bring a smile on his face. His father sees him and is happy to see his son happy. Meanwhile, Durgadevi sees a man driving Roshni's car and immediately stops the man and asks him to step out of the car. Later she finds out that Roshni had sold the car for seven lakhs. She shouts at Roshni for this and decides to punish her by not letting her step out of the house. Later, Roshni gets lost in the thoughts of Siddharth. Watch the entire episode to know what happens next.Watch the latest episode of Jamai Raja.