Satrangi Sasural

Satrangi Sasural - Episode 6 - December 10, 2014

E 6

10 Dec 2014

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Aarushi is asked to meet the owner of Vatsala Wears, Vihaan but Arushi is apprehensive about the meeting and is still unaware that Vihaan is the same man she had met the previous day. Meanwhile, Babita is with a pundit on her scooter, just then, Girish and his friend begin to tease Babita but Babita gives them a sound thrashing. Later, All of Vihaan's seven mothers are extremely worried regarding Vihaan's marriage and they decide to call the pundit and find out about about Vihaan's future. The 'pundit' surprises all when he tells them that a particular girl will always cross Vihaan's path and hearing him all of Vihaan's seven mothers feel happy. The 'pundit' goes on to tell them that Vihaan will be meeting the girl before them. Meanwhile, Vihaan once again meets Aarushi and she tells him that he does not look like a driver and also tells him that she needs to meet the owner of Vatsala wears. Watch the entire episode here. Satrangi Sasural is about the celebration of love, Life and Marriage. It is the story of the love and marriage Vihaan and Aarushi. Vihaan has seven mothers doting after him - Dadi Maa, Tai Maa, Chachi Maa, Maa (biological mother), Bua Maa, Maasi Maa, Mini Maa (younger bua). Despite being the centre of their universe Vihaan isn't spoilt or pampered but instead is nurtured to grow into a mature, loving, sensitive individual. Vihaan meets Aarushi, a kind, gentle and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the varied expectation all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son. Will Aarushi accept the challenge of marrying into a family with seven mothers-in-law? Will she be able to break through the tough exterior and not only live up to each of their expectations but also establish a loving bond with them?Satrangi Sasural explores the journey of Vihaan and Aarushi and their bond within the universe of seven mothers (in-law)


Aarushi Vihaan Vatsal

Mugdha Chaphekar

Vihaan Vatsal

Ravish Desai

Gomti Vatsal

Farida Jalal