Jamai Raja

Episode 5 - Jamai Raja

E 5

8 Aug 2014

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Roshni and rest of the family stand in a line while Durgadevi comes to them and gives them their pocket money. Roshni asks Dirgadevi for some extra money as she needs to arrange for a lawyer to save her NGO but Durgadevi does not give her the money. Roshni later sells her car but does not realize that she has been cheated. She feels victorious even after selling a 25 lakhs worth car for just 7 lakhs and calls herself a great business woman. Later, Durgadevi goes to Gafoor for the diamonds and even gives him a blank cheque. Gafoor insults her by saying that he does business only with men and refuses to do any deal with her. Meanwhile, Siddharth buys a cycle as he gets stuck in the traffic and offers Roshni lift and even finds out her name. Durgadevi meanwhile forces Gafoor to come to her office and threatens him after she shows him a recording of himself revealing his illegal activities. Watch the entire episode to know what happens next.Watch the latest episode of Jamai Raja.


Siddharth Khurana

Ravi Dubey


Nia Sharma



Sangieta Rao