Jamai Raja

Episode 1 - Jamai Raja

E 1

4 Aug 2014

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Audio Languages:Hindi

The first episode of 'Jamai Raja' introduces us to the main characters of the show. Siddharth Khurana encounters Durgadevi on his flight back to Mumbai. While Siddharth Khurana is a jovial guy, Durgadevi is a proud woman who seems to be too attached to her status. Durgadevi's daughter Roshni Patel meanwhile is a girl who seems to be going through a sour relationship with her mother. Roshni along with her 'Nani' comes to the airport to receive Durgadevi, but Roshni gets upset when her mother does not wish her on her birthday and instead scolds her for not dressing well. Later, Siddharth enters Roshni's car and takes her to a shop selling cotton candy. He buys her a cotton candy and wishes her on her birthday. While, Roshni stands stunned, Siddharth walks away happy to bring a smile on her face. Later, Durgadevi is adamant on revealing her new jewellery range on Roshni's birthday party, but Roshni goes to visit a few children who call her on urgent basis. Watch the entire episode here.Watch the latest episode of Jamai Raja.


Siddharth Khurana

Ravi Dubey


Nia Sharma



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