Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - Episode 9 - Full Episode

E 9

24 Aug 2006

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Raghav asserts to a worried Uma that he will not fall ill tonight, on the occasion of Sagars wedding. Meanwhile, a hesitant Kaushalya asks Vidya to put her thumb impression on the property documents by lying to her that she will get monthly pension once she submits the papers. On the other hand, Sindoora and her sisters leave for Benares. During a pre-nuptial ceremony, the wicked Hema asks Vidya to write her husbands name with vermillion on the rice granules. Hema then asks her to also sing a song having her husbands name. Vidya and Kaushalya are stunned and upset. Shalu informs Raghav and Uma that Vidya cannot write Sagars name because she is illiterate. Hema and her family are jubilant while Raghav and Uma are shocked. Vidya tells Raghav that she always tried to tell him that she was not deserving of his son but he kept brushing her aside. Raghav tells Vidya that he approves of her the way she is. Uma and he get worried wondering whether Vidya knows the truth about Sagar but pray that Vidya has agreed only after knowing the truth. On the other hand, Hema informs her family that Harsh would be here soon to stall the wedding. Harsh who is stuck in a traffic jam wonders why Hema has summoned him. Sindoora too is stuck in the same traffic and gets furious when a cop informs her that it may take a long time to get to Benares because of a broken bridge. She gets out of the car and yells that she is Raghav Prataps daughter and will not let a village bumpkin, Vidya, marry her brother Sagar! Harsh, who is nearby, overhears and is shocked to realise the truth!


Sindoora Pratap Singh

Kamya Panjabi

Vidya Pratap SinghDivya

Divyanka Tripathi

Sagar Pratap Singh

Sharad Malhotra

Raghav Pratap Singh

Rajendra Gupta