Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - Episode 7 - Full Episode

E 7

22 Aug 2006

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Hema lies that they were discussing Vidyas wedding. She then tells Shalu that they will get the house and neither will Sagar marry Vidya! On the other hand, Raghav informs Vidya that there were a few members of his family whom she should know about. He starts talking about his eldest daughter, Sindoora and her husband Aniket. Just then Raghav receives a call from Sindoora, and he angrily tells her that come what may, Vidya will become his daughter-in-law, and he will not wait for her to return from London! Just then, he collapses and asks Vidya to get a specific medicine from the box. However, she is unable to read, so she goes up to him and says that she cannot read. She is shocked to see that he has passed out. However, he regains consciousness soon and has the tablet. Meanwhile, Cheenu puts his aunts concern to rest and assures Uma that Vidya had indeed read the letter and approved of Sagar for his simplicity. Vidya stays back with Raghav although it is very late at night. Raghav tells her that he is confident she will keep his family together even after he is gone. He is about to talk about Sagar when Uma and the others return home. Sagar talks to Vidya but she goes away coyly! On the other hand, Raghav tells Uma that they must get Sagar married at the earliest before Sindoora returns to India. Meanwhile, Sindoora (Kamiya Punjabi) and her sisters, (Mahua Himanshi Choudhary) and Chandra (Additi Shirwakar Malik), arrive in India.


Sindoora Pratap Singh

Kamya Panjabi

Vidya Pratap SinghDivya

Divyanka Tripathi

Sagar Pratap Singh

Sharad Malhotra

Raghav Pratap Singh

Rajendra Gupta