Socha Na Tha



Audio Languages:German

A romantic story with a twist! Viren and Aditi's families are keen to get them married soon. However, Viren refuses stating he already has a girlfriend which causes great friction between the already close-knit families. When Viren and Aditi later meet by chance, Viren invites her to Goa to check whether his girlfriend Karen is a marriage-material. Soon, the closeness between the two leads gives way to love! Having been hurt in the past by Viren, will Aditi give their love another chance?


Karen's father

Sohrab Ardeshir

Viren Oberoi

Abhay Deol

Karen Fernandes

Apoorva Jha

Namita/Viren's sister-in-law

Ayesha Jhulka

Aditi's aunt

Rati Agnihotri

Naren/Viren's brother

Manish Choudhary

Gopal/Aditi's male first cousin

Rajendranath Zutshi

Shiva/Viren's friend

Vijay Maurya

Aditi's grandmother

Kamlesh Gill

Damodar Malhotra/Aditi's uncle

Salim Shah

Aditi Sahani

Ayesha Takia

Sonal/Aditi's female first cousin

Sandhya Mridul

Viren's mother

Lushin Dubey



Imtiaz Ali