Shreemant Damodar Pant



Audio Languages:Marathi

In British era Shrimant Damodar Pant and Lahoba find out about a map which will lead to the wealth of India.Damodar manages to get the map from clutches of British,Lakhoba wants it for his personal.In the fight the maps gets torn and each gets half piece and Lakhoba dies.In the present day Damodar's Wada is rented out by his son Ganpat to various family and everyone lives like a happy family and Damodar's soul binds them.Everyday around 6pm Damodar's soul enters into Ganpat's son Damu and the whole Wada resembles a rich palace of British era with people dressed like yesteryear and Damu becomes a a strict Shrimant Damodar Pant but when will this all end and will the lost map save the Wada from haunting.


Shanta (Mai)

Alka Kubal


Jayraj Nair

Chawl Resident

Nitin Jadhav

Chawl Resident

Kiran Niwalkar

Radha Desai

Jyoti Mukane

Chawl Resident

Ram Kajrolkar

Ganpat (Anna)

Vijay Chavan

Lakhoba Nagesh

Sunil Barve

Chawl Resident

Deepak Alegaonkar

Shrimant Damodar Pant Damu

Bharat Jadhav



Kedar Shinde