ZEE5 Original Anaganaga: Episode 5 Is The Embodiment Of How A Lot Can Happen In A Moment

Sneha Bale

February 5, 2020


1 min

Knight (not) in a shining amour

So far, in the ZEE5 Original show Anaganaga, we have come across many interesting characters, who told us many engaging stories. However, every time we try to get a deeper insight, we are left hanging midair. And somehow, that still does not leave us disappointed. Because there is so much more to think about, gather and process. The fifth episode of this series definitely makes us sit back and think about many things that we take for granted in life.

Watch the episode here:

When all hell breaks loose around Esha, the silent old-school lover comes to her rescue. They have been stealing glances and finding reasons to look at each other, but this one gesture has made their relationship take a new turn.

Looking London, talking Tokyo

We expected things would change for better between Esha and Vamsi. But somehow, their little game of ‘hide and seek’ does not seem to end. The wait is too real!

If you reveal a secret at once, it means...

During an unexpected meeting with Maya, Jai says, “If you reveal a secret at once, it means you do not have anyone to share your stories with.” On the surface level, it may seem like a mere statement. But Maya’s grim expression and negligence to continue her story says it all.

Five years, and one moment of excitement later...

Anand has always come across as the man who considers himself a “reacher” to have Maya in his life. And his proposal, which starts with “don’t say yes” will make anyone fall in love with him in a moment.

The ocean's secret

In the flashback, Jai and Tara finally go out on a date and the ‘Part 2’ of their date begins by the beachside. As the gushing waves send shivers down their spines, the candle and moonlit night make their night more special. And in this amazing atmosphere, two random strangers share their deepest secrets by the ocean.

Watch all that happens in this episode and the ones after that on ZEE5. You can also check out the amazing original shows here.

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