5 Traits That Show Kids’ Favourite Show Krishna Balram Gives Us #SiblingGoals

Talk about the ultimate brother duo that we must look up to and it’s Krishna and Balram that come to our mind. Here’s why!


April 24, 2020

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Krishna Balram revolves around Krishna and his brother Balram’s adventures in Vrindavan. Other than celebrating the triumph of good over evil, Krishna and Balram will teach you about brotherhood and friendship. Here’s why they will give you total sibling goals.


Needless to say, Krishna and Balram share a lot of love with each other. Even though Balram is the older brother, Krishna always stands by him and never fails to express the love and respect he has for his brother.


Balram is ready to sacrifice everything for Krishna and likewise. Balramalooks up to Krishna and makes sure to tell him that he will stand in the way of anything or anyone that tries to cause harm to his younger brother. The two brothers are ready to give up their lives for one another.


One of the most important factors is the unconditional love and faithfulness that they have in each other. They are loyal and protective of one another. No matter which evil force comes their way, they join hands to fight it together.

Krishna And Balram
A still of Krishna And Balram


Whatever the situation, Balram and Krishna are always honest with each other. They have never lied to each other which also serves a lesson to children who watch the show. It teaches them how to be truthful and protect each other at any cost. Even when Balram gets attacked by King Kamsa, he confesses to Krishna about everything that happened to him.


Faithfulness and honesty build trust. Because there is trust between the both of them, they are able to go on adventures using each other’s support and make the most of the time they have.

Catch the two brothers on Krishna Balram exclusively on ZEE5!

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