Yeh Teri Galiyan: Shantanu-Asmita Win The Race, Nandini Tries To Bury Krishi – See Pics

Aayushi Sharma

September 27, 2019


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Yeh Teri Galiyan: Shantanu And Asmita Take Part In A Race At Krishi’s School


In the latest episodes of Zee TV show Yeh Teri Galiyan, we see Shantanu-Asmita attend Parents’ Day at Krishi and Chahat’s school. After Nandini gets injured in a race, Shantanu participates with Asmita. We also saw how Nandini tries to harm Krishi out of jealousy, later.

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Yeh Teri Galiyan: Shantanu And Asmita Win The Race, Nandini And Mr Shekhawat Upset


Shantanu swiftly crosses the finish line carrying Asmita on his back and wins the race! Watching Shaan and Asmita together, both Mr. Shekhawat and Nandini feel hurt. Nandini even tries to poison Shekhawat’s ears and asks him to control Asmita.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Krishi Is Extremely Happy To See Shantanu And Asmita Win


Asmita is trying to get Krishi admitted in Chahat’s school and thus, Shantanu wins the race to help her with the admission.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Nandini Taunts Asmita In Front Of Shantanu


Everybody at the school congratulates Shantanu and Asmita and lauds their chemistry and coordination in the race. A jealous Nandini interrupts and taunts Asmita in front of everyone for being a single mother.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Nandini Plans To Kill Krishi


Chahat gets upset over the fact that Shantanu participated with Krishi’s mother Asmita in the race and won it. She complains to her mother Nandini who later hatches a plan to get Krishi killed.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Krishi Goes Missing, Asmita Searches For Her Daughter Everywhere


Just before the kids’ running race is about to begin, Krishi goes missing. Asmita tries to look for her girl everywhere and is distraught to see the race has begun with Krishi already.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Shantanu Scolds Asmita For Losing Krishi, Calls Her Irresponsible


Shantanu asks Asmita where Krishi is. He scolds her for losing Krishi again and calls her an irresponsible mother. Asmita replies saying a child needs both the parents and in Krishi’s case her father has given up.

Yeh Teri Galiyan: Nandini Buries Krishi, Will Asmita Be Able To Save Her?


Nandini gets a man to dig a grave and tries to bury Krishi in it. Will Asmita be able to find and save Krishi in time?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next on Yeh Teri Galiyan.

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