Worried About Hidden Cameras Like Saie From Date With Saie? Here Are Ways To Spot Them!

The actress is shown being stalked through hidden cameras in the ZEE5 original Marathi series. Follow these steps to avoid a similar situation 

Rukmini Chopra

April 11, 2019


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With the advancement in technology and social media, it’s very easy to stalk someone today. While a person’s online profile is an easy access to personal information, miniature cameras have become an unethical means to spy on people. ZEE5’s original Marathi series Date With Saie tells a fictional tale of popular actress Sai Tamhankar becoming a victim of stalking. 

Watch this episode where Saie discovers hidden cameras inside her home.

It’s easy to hide cameras in stuff toys, pens, ceilings, etc. But there are ways to spot them and avoid being a victim of spying. Here are a few steps:  

1. Scan the environment you are in 

A Scene From Date With Saie Starring Rhot Dashrath Rao
A still from the series Starring starring Rohit Dashrath Rao

Many of us pass on checking our surroundings for hidden cameras, thinking that such things only happen in movies. Well, does Smriti Irani spotting a hidden camera in a clothing outlet in Goa ring a bell?  

Always look for cameras that could be put in some of the most common places such as smoke detectors, desk plants, wall decors, stuffed toys, couches and cushions, books, tissue boxes etc.  

2. Use your mobile phones to spot hidden CCTV surveillance cameras  

There’s a very easy way to do this with your phone. Make a call to a friend or family member. If you notice the reception getting interrupted, there may be a chance that area will have a hidden camera. Stop and check.  

3. Turn off the lights to locate hidden night vision cameras

A Scene From Date With Saie Starring Rohit Dashrath Rao
A still from the series Starring starring Rohit Dashrath Rao

Most night vision cameras have green or red LEDS. These will blink or shine when in a low-light. You can spot these by turning off the lights.  

4. Check the mirrors in dressing rooms to spot for hidden cameras 

A Scene From Date With Saie Featuring Sai Tamhankar
A still from the series featuring Sai Tamhankar

At times, creeps install hidden cameras in mirrors inside bathrooms and changing rooms. Hence what appears to be the other side of the mirror, may just be a fake surface hiding this camera. You can spot it by using just a finger!  

Place your finger on the surface of the mirror. If you see a gap between the reflection of your finger and the mirror, you are safe. If the finger directly touches the surface, beware as it’s a fake mirror probably hiding a camera.  

So, are you all set to apply these tactics?  If you know more, let us know in the comments below! 

 You can also watch Date With Saie in TeluguMalayalamKannadaBengali, and Tamil 

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