These words of wisdom by Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s Gurdas Maan are the perfect Monday motivation

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s Gurdas Maan spins his magic through song and dialogue. Read on to be inspired by his words of wisdom and start your week with joy!


August 24, 2020


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Veteran musical genius Gurdas Maan is a gem that has made Punjabis proud. Unki gaayki ho ya humility….he keeps inspiring generation after generation with his talent. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa de mentor Gurdas Maan spells magic with his songs and wisdom. Here are some of his lines that can boost your morale and bring a smile on your face this Monday.

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Music is the way to find God

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

When Inderpreet Singh sings Maan’s Ki Banu Dunia Da, the veteran singer enjoys it so much that he shares a beautiful and important line. He says that music is the way to connect with the Supreme Power. He tells Inderpreet, “Meri aatma, teri aatma de vicho boli… te mainu ta paramatma da darshan ho gaye. Sangeet hi zariya hi hai us nu paun da, aur kuch nahi.

The importance of being humble

aajo-jinhe khedna
A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

While discussing another music legend, Mohammad Rafi, Gurdas says that he never lets anyone else greet him before he has greeted them first. Gurdas explains this logic in beautiful lines: “Sab sochte hai aksar ki phele salaam main kyu karu, main kisi se kam nahi, main kisi se kyu darru. Pheli salaam hi darasal us rab nu manzoor hai. Dusri toh dusri…pheli se kauso door hai”. What he means is that one needs to be humble to prosper in life.

Be a good listener first

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Many of us think that we are something special, and tend to get lost in our ego. There are aspiring singers out there who are waiting for that one lucky break, so this is a piece of advice for them. Gurdas says that one needs to flexible enough to listen to others and enjoy the competition, only then they can be a good singer. “Kade assi aap gaane ya, te log sunde ne. Kade assi aap sun rehe ya aur sunnan da nazara le reya ya. Jis nu sunna nahi aaunda… oh ki gaaouga.”

So these are some thoughts from Gurdas Maan. Don’t you just love him more for being so talented and yet so humble? Share your thoughts about Gurdas in the comment section below.

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