Sembaruthi 4 July 2019 Preview: Akhilandeshwari Shocked To See Parvathy In Adithya’s Room?

July 4, 2019


2 min

Thatha had cautioned Parvathy about a temporary hurdle that she may have to face when she performs the three-day extended Puja for Adithya’s ancestors. What is it and will Parvathy face it confidently? Adithya makes the necessary arrangments for the Puja in his room by converting his wardrobe into a temple. He asks Parvathy to perform the Puja in his room to maintain the secrecy. But will Parvathy get caught red-handed?

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When Parvathy chants shlokas with utmost devotion, Akhilandeshwari moves towards Adithya’s room, probably to show him a file. But when she opens the door, she gets shocked to see Parvathy inside. Will Parvathy’s secret puja get revealed?

For those who missed watching the last few episodes, here’s a summary. Vanaja convinces Akhilandeshwari to give her consent to Mithra for performing puja for the Adhikadavur ancestors. Vanaja desperately wants Mithra to get married to Adithya. Hence, she decides to ruin Purushothaman’s plan to discuss Adithya and Parvathy’s marriage, with Akhilandeshwari on his birthday.

Adithya is not happy about Mithra performing the puja, so he asks Parvathy to seek his ancestors’ blessings. He is confident that his wife will be blessed and accepted by his forefathers.

On the one hand, there is Miithra, and on the other, Parvathy. Mithra hails from the Nagpuri Vamsam, an arch rival of the Adhikadavurs. She refuses to offer her prayers to Adithya’s ancestors and performs the puja only for the heck of it. Meanwhile, Parvathy showcases her devotion by chanting the shlokas and mantras to perfection.

Who do you think will get blessed by the Adhikadavurs? For more entertainment, watch Sathya on ZEE5.

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