Sembaruthi 12 July 2019 Written Update: Akhila Decides To Keep Parvathy Away From Home

July 12, 2019


3 min

Sundaram sees Parvathy holding the air-pillow gifted by Adithya close to her heart and gets furious with her. He asks her not to have impractical dreams because he knows they will never materialise. He snatches the pillow from her and throws it away and falls inside a garbage van. He stops Parvathy from stepping out of the house but she refuses to listen to him. She starts chasing the van to get the pillow back. Meanwhile, at the temple, the Guruji’s words of caution create a deep impression on Akhilandeshwari’s mind. Though she knows Parvathy is a trustworthy person, she decides to keep her away from home. Akhilandeshwari refuses to admit that she truly cares for Parvathy and can never be rude towards her. But her ego doesn’t let her believe that Parvathy could be the best match for Adithya. To know what happened in today’s episode, read on.

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When Akhilandeshwari boards her car to drive back home, Purushothaman joins her and convinces her to calm down. He requests her not to take any drastic step that could prove disastrous. She tells Akhilandeshwari that no matter what she does, destiny will bring her closer to Parvathy. When Purushothaman talks about her eternal relationship with the girl, she finds Parvathy chasing a garbage van on the road. She takes a U-turn to help Parvathy and overtakes the garbage van to help her get what she has lost. When Parvathy asks for the air-pillow lying on a flower basket, Akhilandeshwari gets surprised. Akhilandeshwari asks Parvathy why does she treat an ordinary pillow as a prized possession. Parvathy says she has kept it as a remembrance and it is an invaluable gift given by someone. Akhilandeshwari tells her to keep it safe and leaves.

After reaching home, Purushothaman tells Adithya not to worry and lies to him about his mother’s reaction. He hides the fact that Akhilandeshwari will give away her life to protect the pride of her family but will never accept Parvathy as her daughter-in-law. What do you think will happen hereafter?

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