Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2: Aishwarya Scores 100; Nepoliya, Mridhul Get Eliminated

Aishwarya bagged the top score while Nepoliya and Mridhul got eliminated during the Judge’s Challenge round.

August 26, 2019


3 min


After a few weeks of leniency, the contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 underwent the real test during the Judges Challenge Round last weekend. If the promo of the show could give viewers the goosebumps, then imagine the thoughts that would have run through the minds of the contestants. Nonetheless, it was an electrifying musical event for sure. Here’s how the episodes judged by Srinivas, Sujatha and Vijay Prakash, unfolded.

In the judge’s challenge, the judges reserved 50 per cent rights to give the scores while the rest lay with the jury. Reshma, who sang the classic song, “Malligai, en mannan mayangum” succeeded in crossing the 90 per cent milestone that was required to escape the danger zone. Nepoliya, who followed next, sang a soft romantic duet but she could only score 79.5 per cent while Aishwarya scored a century! Prakash fell short of the 90 per cent mark by a couple of points while Aslam, who has grabbed gold during most of his performances since the beginning, scored 93.5 points and Sukanya, who was the next to hit the stage, grabbed 94.5 per cent. Krishangi, the girl from Assam got a standing ovation from the jury for singing brilliantly. She scored an impressive total of 93.5. Thus, Saturday’s episode concluded on a decent note with just only Nepoliya and Prakash entering the danger zone.

On Sunday, the Judge’s challenge round continued with Arul Prakasam, who impressed the judges and the jury and scored 91.3 per cent. Mridhul slipped into the danger after not being able to cross the milestone while Janagan escaped threat just by a per cent. Devanandha, who followed next, made it to the safe zone just by a fraction. And Lakshmi, who specialises in singing folk songs, managed to score 93.5 per cent. After Lakshmi, it was time for writer-singer Saravedi’s turn, but he couldn’t make it to the safe zone. He fell short by 2 per cent. And last but not least, Karthik delivered a spellbinding performance that made the judges give him a standing ovation. He was showered with gold for singing confidently and winning the challenge.

Prakash, Mridul, Saravedi Saran and Nepoliya scored the least in the round. Saravedi and Prakash got saved while Mridul and Neploiya got eliminated. Thus, the enthralling evening came to an end with double elimination. Let us know who is your favourite contestant by leaving a comment in the box below and for more entertainment, check out the Original videos on ZEE5.

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