Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya Decides To Become Self-Reliant; Here’s Why We Think He’s Right On His Part

Aditya has made up his mind to not ask for Sai’s help henceforth and manage things on his own. Read on to know why we appreciate this decision of his.

Kedar Koli

July 29, 2020


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Maza Hoshil Na is a romantic comedy that is based on the life of Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni) and Sai (Gautami Deshpande), a couple who recently came to terms with their feelings for one another. After much hesitation from both sides, the couple has finally accepted each other as friends. Their fate is almost sealed but we are yet to see them confess their love for each other. The flirty banter between them is taking them places as we recently saw them holding hands on a mountaintop for the first time ever. We just can’t wait to see them together officially as couples! However, their relation’ship’ is currently going through stormy waters as Aditya has decided to not be dependent upon Sai for help.

Watch the episode where Aditya decides to not trouble Sai anymore.

Aditya’s manager Joshi sees him getting out of the car with Sai and asks if the latter helps him every time. Aditya refutes his statement and says that he has only asked for a favour. Aditya is irked by Joshi’s taunts and decides that he would not call Sai for help henceforth. He confesses his decision before Sai who gets angry with him for doing so. Aditya further says that Sai won’t have to take the trouble for dropping him anymore as he would be cycling his way to his office. Aditya has made up his mind and is already in talks with his uncles. He has convinced them to buy him a cycle that would ease his commute.

Sai and Aditya In A Still From Maza Hoshil Na
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Aditya’s decision to become self-reliant has landed him in trouble as Sai refuses to talk to him anymore. However, we think that he’s right on his part because that’s how he would learn self-dependency. There will be times where no one would be able to help and Aditya would have to manage all by himself, that’s when these self-dependency lessons would come in handy. The other day, Aditya was bashed by his manager for coming late to the office. Aditya was stuck at the bus stop as he couldn’t find any means of transport to reach his office. Thankfully, Sai came to his rescue and dropped him to his office. However, Aditya is a self-made man who likes doing things on his own. He has never asked anyone for favours in his life ever until he became friends with Sai. So becoming self-reliant will help him go back to his older self.

Source: ZEE5

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