If You Have These 4 Qualities, You Are Exactly Like Surkhi Bindi’s Rano AKA Sargun Mehta

Sargun Mehta’s character in Surkhi Bindi is extremely relatable. These are the qualities you should look for in yourself if you want to be like Rano!


August 2, 2020


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Sargun Mehta plays the girl-next-door character to perfection. In 2019, Sargun brought us two blockbusters, Kala Shah Kala and Surkhi Bindi. Sargun shines as Pammi in Kala Shah Kala and as Rano in Surkhi Bindi. However, we feel that Rano is a much more relatable character, and thus we made a list of characteristics of Rano that you might find in yourself!

Before that, watch the trailer of Surkhi Bindi here:

1. In Two Minds

A still from the film (Source: ZEE5)

Rano is a girl who goes through inner turmoil at many stages. Whenever an important issue turns up, Rano starts thinking about how every possibility might turn out and is often divided between two conflicting sides of her personality. Sargun getting stuck between two personalities is one of the best sequences of the film, each one whispering different things to her like the classic image of an angel and a devil on each shoulder. If you often get into arguments with yourself like this, you definitely have a Rano in you.

2. Being Positive

A still from the film (Source: ZEE5)

Rano dreams of going abroad to Canada and getting married to a handsome prince, but she ends up marrying Sukha (Gurnam Bhullar). Even after getting married, Rano hopes that her life will still take a firangi turn. She keeps her hopes up and works hard to achieve her goals. If you try to be positive and hopeful at every turn, you may be like Rano!

3. Never Say Never

A still from the film (Source: ZEE5)

If you are also someone who can swim upstream for your aspirations, you have one of the most crucial characteristics of Rano. Even after getting married, she keeps her dreams alive. With a little push from her hubby, Rano starts earning towards making her dream a reality. This happens because Rano believes in her dream, and believes in herself. Not giving up and standing up for your dreams requires guts and Rano is one such power lady.

4. Open To Adjustment

A still from the film (Source: ZEE5)

One thing that makes Rano is so adorable is her adjustable nature. No matter how much inner turmoil she goes through, after a point, she makes a decision and sticks to it. She tries to mould herself as per the situation. If you are also someone adapts to new circumstances easily and believes that one day you will achieve your dream, then there is a Rano in you.

So these are the qualities of Rano that makes her a brilliant person. Share your thoughts about Sargun’s character in the comment section below.

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