Gattimela: Vedanth To Not Marry Sahithya?


July 24, 2020


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth sees Amulya in the office. When she comes into his cabin, he holds her tightly and asks her how come she came to the office. Amulya looks at him with surprise as he acts in an unusual manner with her. He also tells her that he cannot believe that she has come to the office. Vedanth realises that he is acting strange and that Amulya is an employee which is why she ought to come to the office.

We cannot wait to catch the next episode of Gattimela given what happens in this one. Vedanth has a decision that will either make his life or break it. In this episode, Vedanth’s father goes up to him and tells him that there is something very different about making this decision. As Vedanth has always been certain in his decision-making, for the first time he seems like he is forced into this. Vedanth tries to deny the same but his father tells him that he knows him and believes that he is making a decision from his mind and not his heart which is what is causing all the confusion.

Later that day, Vedanth joins the meeting with the Guruji who tells them that the couple can get married anytime after 14 days. Just then, Vikranth tells Vedanth that he must make his final decision and think of what he is doing so that he does not have any lifelong regret about the same. Adya, too, goes to him and asks him if this is what he really wants. She tells him that the only way he can find out what he wants is if he imagines that the girl sitting next to him has her faced covered with a dupatta. She also says that if he were to lift the dupatta, the girl that he would want to see next to him is the answer to all his confusion.

Vedanth and Sahithya
Vedanth and Sahithya

Meanwhile, at home, Druva accidentally calls Vedanth his brother and says that Vedanth has always been someone to push people away especially if he gets attached to them. Adithi notices the same and asks him why he called Vedanth his brother if he has never met him before.

Well, we can’t wait to watch the next episode, to see if Vedanth chooses to stop this marriage or agrees to get married to the girl that his mother chose. What will also cause a twist in the series of events is if Adithi and Amulya discover Druva’s relationship with Vedanth.

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