Gattimela, Jothe Jotheyali: 6 Reasons To Watch Your Favourite Zee Kannada Shows Once Again


June 2, 2020

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As the time has come to forget all the boredom you’ve been experiencing because of the lockdown here is a list of your favourite shows that will be aired starting June 1, 2020, and reasons that make these shows a must-watch!

As we all await the continuation of Amulya and Vedanth’s love story from Gattimela, what really makes the show interesting is the fact that it follows the lives of four sisters and their upbringing which then helps them fight all the hurdles that come their way. They also support each other and stand by one another at all times. Meanwhile, Amulya develops feelings for Vedanth and decides not to do anything until he realises his feelings for her.

Jothe Jotheyali

Special moments between Anu and Arya

We all know that Anu and Arya’s love story is a challenging one. Well, if you think that this is just another love story, then you’re completely wrong! This love story between them is twisted and complicated only because of one factor – their age gap. Anu is just out of college and is in her early 20’s while Arya is in his mid-40’s. How they overcome societal obstacles to be together is what makes this show as exciting as it is.


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Paaru is another love story that stands out as it revolves around a girl who joins as a house help only to become a pillar of strength amongst the family members. Paaru also happens to fall in love with Adi who is the owner of the house just as he begins to develop an attraction towards her. The story also focuses on aspects of honesty, romance, friendship, and determination.

Yaare Nee Mohini

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Yaare Nee Mohini is a supernatural drama that revolves around Belli who wishes to marry Muttu, a widower. Muttu is trying to get over the death of his wife Chitra. Chitra, on the other hand, takes up the form of Mohini to come back to her house and help Belli get married to Muttu. She also protects the family from all the evil forces and how she does it is what makes this show interesting.


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Kamali is, indeed, a special show just for its plotline and the character of Kamali. The highlight of the show is that Kamali is a kabaddi player and tries to balance her life between her studies and the game. Her half-sister Anika, however, does not allow the same and stands as a barrier to Kamali’s journey. How Kamali overcomes these obstacles while also maintaining a romantic relationship with Rishi and that is why this show is totally binge-worthy!

Naagini 2

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In Naagini 2, Shivani is trying to find Adisesha who she discovers is in Digvijay’s house. The confusion and interconnectedness that the show entails are what make it interesting. Shivani goes on to assume that Adisesha has taken the form of Trivikrama when in reality, he has actually taken that of Trishul. The latter, on the other hand, has confessed his love to Shivani multiple times. But she ignores the same and instead focuses on finding her true love.

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