Gattimela: Check Out What Druva Tells Suhasini About Vedanth When He Confronts Her

Druva comes to the office as he is appointed as an employee by Amulya; He confronts Suhasini.


August 8, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini tells Amulya that she must remember where she has come from and get out of Sahithya’s way. Just then Pari comes and asks Amulya who is tense about Suhasini and the company. Elsewhere, Druva is still worried about Vedanth and so he calls Vikranth and tells him that there is something else that is going on.

In this episode, Sarthak comes home for Raksha Bandhan. Amulya is delighted to see him and calls Adithi to try a rakhi too. Pari also comes so that she can help Amulya tie the rakhi. They all celebrate the occasion and exchange gifts too. After that, Amulya and Sarthak leave to work. They also discuss how problematic Sahithya is becoming and that they must be careful of every move that she makes. When they reach office, Amulya tells Sarthak and Vikranth that there is a new employee who will be joining them that day who turns out to be Druva. While Vikranth is delighted to see him, they pretend like they are meeting for the first time so that Amulya does not discover the truth.

Adithi, Sarthak and Amulya

Meanwhile, Suhasini comes to the office wherein she notices that Druva has been employed there. She tells him that he has no right to enter the office. Druva tells her that she cannot do anything and that she has no say in what he can or cannot do. He tells her that Vedanth is in trouble and that he is well aware of the fact that she has something to do with it which he will find out sooner or later. They both have an argument.

Later that day, things turn around when two men enter the office saying that they are officials. They tell Vikranth, Sarthak and Amulya that they have received a complaint against Amulya about accepting bribes. They also say that they need to check Amulya’s desk so that they confirm the same. Sahithya takes them to her desk where they find a huge sum hidden in her desk. Sarthak and Vicky suspect that this is something that only Sahithya can do and Amulya is innocent.

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