Fingertip: 5 Best Scenes From Akshara Haasan, Madusudhan Rao’s Original Series

In this web-post, we will talk about the five best scenes from Fingertip that will leave you speechless.

August 24, 2019


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ZEE5’s latest original, Fingertip, directed by Shivakar and produced by Vishnu Vardhan Films is an anthology revolving around five protagonists. The characters wouldn’t have fathomed that their life would turn upside down because of social media. The makers have narrated five stories by using five fictitious Apps, to showcase the consequences of misusing social media. This edge-of-the-seat-thriller stars Sunaina, Madusudhan Rao, Akshara Hassan, Gayathri and Ashwin Kakumanu in pivotal roles, with each one of them bearing the brunt of the negative traits ingrained in the human psyche namely Greed, Rage, Betrayal, Lust and Vengeance.

In this web-post, we will talk about the five best scenes from the series that will leave you speechless.

1. Greed

Rekha makes special arrangements to celebrate her husband Vijay’s birthday. But instead of cherishing the moment with him, she gets engrossed in posting pictures on an App called Clicker. Though she wants to make Vijay happy, she ends up irking him by constantly fiddling with her phone.

2. Rage

Krishnamoorthy’s friends and his son try to cheer him after his photoshopped images get circulated on an App called Gibber. This scene will make you feel his pain.

3. Betrayal

A post on an App called Myamigo turns out to be disastrous. After learning about the truth, Vidhya tries to reach out to Priya on the phone. Vidhya regrets doing what she did to Priya, and breakdowns after losing a friend forever.

4. Lust

Raghavan, who meets Sandhya through a dating App called Cupid, spikes her drink and tries to take advantage of her unconsciousness. We wouldn’t want to reveal what happens hereafter, but it will make your jaw drop. The truth will leave you speechless.

5. Betrayal

Sanjay, an A- list actor, gets repeatedly advised by his secretary not to go overboard while making political comments on the App ExpressIt. The genuine concerns of the wiser and older person get dismissed by the actor. And what happens next, is for you to see.

Watch Fingertip over the weekend on ZEE5 to know the repercussions of living in a glass-walled house, and for more entertainment, watch Postman, to take a trip down memory lane.

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