EXCLUSIVE: DKD Family War 2 Will Host Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev And Sumalatha. HERE’S WHY

Parinika Uchil

August 30, 2019

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Ganesh Preparations Go On In Full Swing On The Seta Of Dance Karnataka Dance

Source: ZEE5

This weekend on Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2, there is lots of masti and maja waiting for you. Firstly because Ganesh Chaturthi approaches soon (on 2 September 2019) and secondly we have two esteemed guests who will be coming on the show and spending the time with everyone. They are none other than Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and the wife of the Rebel Star, Sumalatha Ambareesh. Apart from these big announcements, another jodi finally opens their account of the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ hose while a solo performance comes from an unexpected jodi.

To know about what will happen this weekend, we were able to select 30 EXCLUSIVE pictures, for your eyes only. 

Starting with this celebration picture. Unlike her usual invite to the judges, the show began with everyone gathering on stage and celebrating Ganeshada Habba together.

Spreading The Message Of Eco-Friendly Ganeshas

Source: ZEE5

Yes! This year, if you have bought/made your own eco-friendly Ganeshas, do so right away. It’s exactly the message this blockbuster show is trying to give out to the viewers. Just look at their happy faces!

Anushree Introduces The Round And The Episode Begins…

Source: ZEE5

Flaunting a pretty combination of apparel and accessories is our favourite host of all time, Anushree, who has always kept her fans and the viewers entertained every minute of every episode of every show.

Ashok And Bhavani In A New Avatar

Source: ZEE5

In a matching combination of outfits, Ashok and Bhavani from the Zee Kannada show Aathma Bandhana, seem to be in sync with their performance too! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and know the scores for their performance soon.

Adithi And Vicky Perform On An Sultry Song… Or So It Seems

Source: ZEE5

From the blockbuster primetime show of Karnataka, Gattimela, Adithi Manjunath and Vikranth Vashishta have improved a lot since their first-round and rightfully so. This week, they have chosen to do a romantic number according to this picture.

Adithi And Vicky Get Full Marks

Source: ZEE5

Yes! One team that finally opened their account of the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ tags was Adithi and Vicky. Look at how happy they are. #touchwood

The Golden Hats Soon Followed For Adithi And Vicky

Source: ZEE5

The golden hats are honestly like the icing on the cake, they are too irresistible and every team works hard for full marks. This week, it is Vicky and Adithi to shine!

Onscreen Crushes Time!

Source: ZEE5

Comedy Khiladigalu’s Suraj seems to be proposing to Adithi!! Did you ever think you will see such a moment? I didn’t too! Will she accept? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

The Legendary Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Comes To The Show

Source: ZEE5

The famous Indian yogi, mystic and author Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev came on the show to discuss the campaign called ‘Cauvery Calling’ or ‘Cauvery Coogu’ in an attempt to raise awareness about the water scarcity that is heading soon our way.

Take a glimpse to know what is happening, here:

The Judges Acknowledge His Presence With A Humble Namaste

Source: ZEE5

Known for his teachings and simple life philosophies, Sadhguru is a learned one for many of his followers, who has the right answer to any question asked. Who else is interested to know about what advice he gave to the judges? We’ll know really soon.

A Special Performance For Sadhguru

Source: ZEE5

A brilliant set of dancers gave a tribute to the Yogi in the form of a beautiful classical dance. From this pic, you can make out with what precision they much have performed. Stay tuned.

Sumalatha Ambareesh Makes An Appearance Too

Source: ZEE5

The independent MP of Mandya and the wife of the late Rebel Star, Sumalatha Ambareesh came to talk about the same topic as Sadhguru and encourage people to plant more trees around the river that has cared and nurtured more than one state for so many decades.

A Lengthy Discussion On The Topic

Source: ZEE5

Both Sadhguru and Sumalatha Ambareesh day down with the audience to explain to them how important it is for us to tackle the water crises in many parts of the state with immediate actions.

Rockline Venkatesh Came To Support ‘Cauvery Coogu’

Source: ZEE5

With almost 87% of tree cover being removed in the last five decades, Rockline Venkatesh came to reiterate the importance of re-planting alongside his friend Sumalatha.

A Candid For The Camera

Source: ZEE5

Everyone including Vijay Raghavendra, Sadhguru, Anushree, Sumalatha, Rockline Venkatesh, Rakshitha Prem and Arjun Janya proudly hold up the campaign pamphlets as an acknowledgement that they too will be a part of this big movement henceforth.

Hanumantha And Shiny Look More Confident Than Ever

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in a bright blue and yellow combination are Shiny and Hanumantha. With peacock patterns in their act do you think they will get full marks?

The Rewards Of Good Performance Are Exhilarating

Source: ZEE5

Of course, they had to get the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ hose! Hanumantha seriousness to the dance is the only reason why they must have got full marks! What do you think?

Posing Aptly Like Nataraj

Source: ZEE5

Just look at the precision and sync in which these two tiny tots are dancing. Anoop and Dimpanna seem to have headed in the right direction when it comes to dancing and this competition.

Rakshitha Prem Cannot Wait To Announce The Results

Source: ZEE5

It seems like before the judges Vijay and Arjun to give them the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ hose, Rakshitha Prem already called them first to collect their rewards for such an amazing performance.

And There It Is!

Source: ZEE5

The Drama Juniors ex-contestants Anoop and Dimpanna have scored full marks thrice in a row now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they always get full marks.

Lokesh And Manthana Begin With A Heart

Source: ZEE5

Look at the beautiful heart formation made around Lokesh and Manthana. Do you think this week they will perform a tad bit better than last week? I think so!

Pranathi Looks Like A Warrior Princess

Source: ZEE5

Anybody reminded of Wonder Woman looking at Pranathi from Bramhagantu. Another week goes by for Pranathi without a partner. But it’s just the beginning, so let’s hope she is back in a Jodi again.

Suraj And Minchu Gave A Classy Performance

Source: ZEE5

From this picture, it seems that this time Suraj has got his lifts right. Care to take a guess what their score will be? Or let’s just wait and watch.

Prekshith And Anwisha Seem To Be Doing Magic

Source: ZEE5

Doesn’t it look like Anwisha is trying to create magic onstage? Unlike their previous performances, it seems like this time the duo will be dancing without background dancers.

The Result Is The Same

Source: ZEE5

Yes! Whether they dance with a group or without, Prekshith and Anwisha will always get the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ and this image proves it.

The Well-Deserved Golden Hats

Source: ZEE5

The happiness on the faces of Prekshith and Anwisha says it all! Like I mentioned before, golden hats are always an extra perk to balance your hard work.

Anika And Preethu Looked Like Characters From A Fairytale

Source: ZEE5

Looking very much in sync with each other are the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ holders from last week. Preethu from Paaru and Anika from Kamali look so romantically involved for the act if you ask me!

Soorya And Hiranmayi are dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn

Source: ZEE5

This will surely be and interesting performance as Soorya and Hiranmayi will be doing something new onstage for us this time. Keep scrolling for more.

Oh No! What Happened? Hiranmayi Looks Like She Is In Tears

Source: ZEE5

Did Soorya injure himself during the performance or is Hiranmayi disappointed with her marks? Where is Soorya? The answer to these questions will be revealed soon.

Ningi Performs Solo?

Source: ZEE5

Barkath Ali from Comedy Khiladigalu seems to be missing from the picture, isn’t it? What happened to him? Do we have another celeb who is ill this week?

Stay tuned for this weekend to find answers to all your questions.

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