Check Out Karkat Rogue Actor Chitrangada Satarupa’s Throwback Photos From Her Trip To Goa


May 14, 2020


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Pristine Beaches


Chitrangada Satarupa, the talented and beautiful young actor who starred in the ZEE5 Original series Karkat Rogue, made a trip to Goa with her close friends this year before the pandemic broke out. She has been reliving this memorable holiday through some photographs taken on her vacation, which she has also been sharing with us through her social media page. We got them for you to look at right here!

Nature shines at is at its best in this picture from Goa, with bright blue skies speckled with fluffy white clouds and a pristine sea bordered with mountains that we can see. Serene and untouched by boisterous tourists, this beach looks like a dream to spend time on!

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Collecting Seashells?


Chitrangada is pictured here at the beach amid another gorgeous sunset, bending down perhaps to pick up an interesting looking seashell on the shore. The varying hues of blue and pink make for a wonderful scene. How we wish we could see it in person too!

Sunny Haven


Chitrangada poses prettily for this photo taken in a rocky area surrounded by huts and lots of trees. She looks so happy and at peace to be here, and we are glad that she has these memories to hold on to at this time. The weather seems to be just right for a holiday – with plenty of sun.

Of Sunsets And Sunrises


What a spectacular shot of the sunset at the beach! “Grateful for every sunrise and sunset I have witnessed, with or without my eyes open. Let just 2020 pass anyway,” as Chitrangada says. We agree and are glad that she has shared these photos with us.

Balancing Act


In this photo we can see Chitrangada enjoying herself at the beach with a clear sea dotted with these magnificent rocks and boulders. She is balancing on what looks like quite a slippery bed of flat rock, with the water flowing over it. What a blast of an experience to be had right in nature’s lap!

Napping Dogs


The two dogs in this photo are catching a glorious nap under the sun, and are the picture of languorous bliss! They look so peaceful and unaffected by all the turmoil in the world, and make a very sweet sight. We wish we could bask under Goa’s sun just like that, too!

How did you like Chitrangada Satarupa’s throwback photos from Goa? Let us know in the comments below.

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