Best Of 2019: 8 Biggest Twists That Changed The Game In Your Favourite Zee Telugu Shows

Sneha Bale

December 30, 2019


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1. Jai Confessing His Love For Manga In Kalyana Vaibhogam

We’re all busy summing up that year that was. And as we do that, we thought it’s important to give our favourite TV shows the much-deserved credit and applause. After all, it isn’t an easy job to keep someone going back to the same thing day after day. While some shows have made it our list recently, some shows have been holding the top place a long time. So, here are the 8 biggest plot twists that changed the game in our favourite shows.

Since the beginning, Jai’s cold behaviour towards Manga made us believe that Jai hated her. To our surprise and that of Manga, he had been hiding all his love for her within him, because he did not want to lose her. This has to be the biggest game-changer, because not only did it turn the tables on Manga, it also gave us a new couple to fangirl over.

2. Deva And Parvathi's Death In Muddha Mandaram

Four long years later, Akhilandeswari accepted her son and daughter-in-law, with all their flaws. Parvathi and Deva survived multiple problems and obstacles, before seeing a day of happiness. And that’s when we breathed in peace. But in a few moments, it was all destructed. All our hopes had turned to ashes when Deva and Parvathi, with their newborn baby, embraced death in the car accident.

3. Gaurav marries Mansi in Ninne Pelladatha

It took five people, and many days of planning and plotting the events that would change things forever, Finally, the moment arrived when Brahmini would torture Madhu to marry Mansi, and leave Mrudula forever. As Mansi grinned about her long-awaited victory, Gaurav entered the frame and changed the course of the day. He married Mansi, by knocking some sense into Brahmini. And… the rest, as they say, is history.

4. Vamsi finds out Vasundhara is his heart friend In Maate Mantramu

Clap your hands if you still remember every bit of this episode! The episode when Vamsi PROPOSED Vasundhara. Honestly, we did not see it coming. All this while, Vamsi pretended to be the bad boy, who only knew how to break hearts. But when the time came to tell the love of his life about his feelings, we saw the most romantic proposal ever. And then, when two became one, the game had changed for all their haters.

5. Aditya elopes with Dharani in Akka Chellellu

We assumed Aditya was just another short-tempered boy on the block. But when he thought of his ‘Tailor’ becoming someone else’s wife, Aditya really did take the matters into his own hand. (Well, the Taali, if not ‘matters’) We still remember, vividly, how Aditya walked into Dharani’s wedding hall, fought with the goons, cautiously took the Taali from the priest, tied it to Dharani, and then, eloped with her. *Legendary!*

6. Abhi finds out about his parents

If you thought Neelambari’s entry would make it to the list, we apologise. Yes, her presence seemed to be a game-changer, however, it wasn’t. The person that can be credited to be the game-changer, here, could be Bhikshapati instead. After all, it is because of him that Abhi found out the truth about his parents. And it is because of him that Akhilandeswari found her grandson, not just a look-alike. What could Bhavani and Neelambari do to the Ghattammaneni family now?

7. Nithya turns into Mandhara to kill Manga in Kalyana Vaibhogam

We’re buying into the theory that Nithya Srinivas is indeed psychotic. In the last six months, she had done several things to keep Manga out of her way – including, drowning her into the ocean water. But what really makes it to the top is Nithya’s disguise as Mandhara (the villainous character from the epic of Ramayana). There was something about her smile, her walk and the way she spoke that sent tremors.

8. Sarayu pays for her own death in Ninne Pelladatha

Last but not least! Since day one, Sarayu tried to diminish Mrudula’s value (for no proper reason). And her attempts got worse with time. Finally, she hired a sharpshooter to kill Mrudula. But little did the poor girl know, she was paying for her own death. Moral of the story: double-check everything *wink, wink*

Did we cover your top picks in the list? Do share your favourites with us, in the comment section below. Until next time, and in the next year, stay tuned to this space. Get your year-end entertainment right here on ZEE5.

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