Are You Ready For Yet Another Thrilling Episode Of Laal Ishq? This Will Spook You

Ashutosh Oak

November 2, 2019


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Laal Ishq: Your Weekend Dose Of Horror


We all have had horrifying dreams at least once in our life. Though there are a lot of theories and scientific reasons to why we see such things, we always fear that it might come true. And TV’s popular show Laal Ishq is all about the weirdest and spookiest dreams coming alive.

Watch the latest episode below:


Laal Ishq: Dreams Come True


It is said that dreams are a reflection of what we do in our daily routine. It is also said that there are a few people who can see their future in dreams. We often wish our loved ones by saying may your dreams come true. It sounds great until this god gift turns into a curse? This is a story about one such incident that happened with Sanjana and her family.

Laal Ishq: A Horrid Dream


The story begins in Mumbai where a pregnant Sanjana is woken up by a spooky dream where she sees her son’s finger growing magically. She hears a voice in her dreams that asks her to go Angulimaal temple in Kuran Village.

Laal Ishq: Angulimaal Temple In Kuran Village


She asks her family to leave for Kuran Village and arrange a prayer in the temple for her kid’s well-being. Shekhar, Sanjana’s husband, is reluctant but finally agrees for the satisfaction of Sanjana.

Laal Ishq: Moreshwar’s Revenge


Moreshwar, the priest of Angulimaal temple is into black magic and Tantra. He uses his powers to awake the Angula Monster from his wife’s body. He does it to seek revenge from the villagers and asks the monster to wreak havoc in the Kuran Village.


Laal Ishq: Angula Monster


Sanjana, along with her family, is about to reach Kuran village but their car gets vandalized by the monster and they have to stay overnight in the village.


Laal Ishq: The Connection Between Sanjana’s Baby And Kuran Village


Sanjana is unable to understand the connection between her baby and the village and why is she getting such horrid dreams. Later, they come to know that Sanjana’s husband Shekhar has a connection with the village as he is the son of Moreshwar and his wife Sumitra.


Laal Ishq: Moreshwar Fights With The Demon He Created


After this revelation, Sumitra convinces Moreshwar to stop Angula and get out of revenge and vengeance. Moreshwar realises his mistake and tries to stop Angula but apparently, the monster kills him.


Laal Ishq: The Secret To Kill Angula


Sanjana gets into labour pain as she is about to deliver the baby. Sumitra diverts Angula so that Shekhar and Sanjana get time to deliver the baby. She also gives them a secret weapon to kill Angula.


Laal Ishq: Will Sanjana And Shekhar Kill Angula?


Sumitra remembers Morsehwar telling her that the monster can only be killed where he was born. She then asks them to lead Angula back to the place where he was created using the baby.

Will Sanjana and Shekhar risk the life of their newborn to fight Angula? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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