Agga Bai Sasubai 18 September 2020 Written Update: Soham Charges At Asawari To Take Her Mangalsutra Off

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Kedar Koli

September 17, 2020


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The drama in Agga Bai Sasubai has become quite intense with Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan) taking her mangalsutra off. She has decided to part ways with Soham (Ashutosh Patki) as she cannot handle his tantrums anymore. On the other hand, Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) is trying her level best to stop their fight. She wants peace to prevail in the house as it’s the death anniversary of Soham’s father. However, Soham doesn’t pay heed to any more of her concerns and goes back to being himself. He wants to teach Shubhra a lesson and decides to sell her mangalsutra in exchange for money.

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In the next episode, we will see Asawari preparing for the Shraddha of Soham’s late father. She wants Soham to begin the proceedings but he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Shubhra reaches Pradnya’s house to look for Soham. Pradnya notices that Shubhra isn’t wearing her mangalsutra and begins lecturing on her carelessness. She asks if Shubhra doesn’t value her relationship with Soham. Shubhra who’s had enough of her trash talk lashes out on Pradnya.

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Later, Soham enters home and creates a new drama. He says that only he has the right to do the rituals as neither Asawari, nor Abhijeet (Girish Oak), or even Shubhra are part of his family. Soham refuses to accept Asawari’s home-cooked food as an offering to his late father. He then orders Asawari to remove her mangalsutra if she wants Soham to do the rituals. Soham charges at her only to be stopped by Abhijeet who raises his hand to hit Soham. After a while, Abhijeet convinces Asawari to live her life freely without being burdened with responsibilities. He wants Asawari to follow her dreams but will she understand what Abhijeet is trying to convey?

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