8 Gift Ideas To Give Your Appa This Father’s Day! (‘Coz Why Should Only Moms Have Fun?)

For Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few brilliant gift ideas for your daddy dearest.

Parinika Uchil

June 15, 2019


5 min


We all know just how difficult is it to shop for men. On top of that selecting something for your dad as a Father’s day gift is like climbing the tallest mountain. That’s what we are here for. To help you with the coolest of gift ideas for your beloved dad. Is your father like Kariyappa from the hit film Chemistry Of Kariyappa? Or like Sanjay’s father from Prema Baraha? Either way, we will help you with swag ideas today. The special day for Appas is fast approaching this Sunday on 16th June 2019. If you are one of those kids who still hasn’t decided what to get your dad or are confused, we have curated a list of some super cool gifts that your dad will appreciate and probably hold very close to his heart.

And don’t you worry at all. These gifts are easily available online and are spread different budget ranges.

If you have a flexible budget:

1. For The Sports Dad

A miniature indoor golf course is a brilliant idea for dads who are into sports. Another fitting gift could be gym gear if your dad likes to maintain himself. These ideas are for those of you who can extend your budget a little. A few extra bucks from your pocket and a wide smile from your Dad. Father’s Day goal achieved!

2. For A Bar Kind Of A Dad

Yes! We know what’s in your heart! Some Appas like to sit back and relax with a glass of some good drink after a hard day’s work. Although you may have to somehow find out what is his preferred drink, a good quality bottle of liquor will make your dad’s day! Who’s the good boy/girl?

3. A Spa-Therapy Session Kind Of Dad

Is your dad the kinds who just loves getting massages? So much so, that sometimes they ask you for a head massage or the likes? A spa session will give them a good refreshing boost. Add a body massage package and you are the best kid ever!

For a slightly medium budget:

4. For The Stylish Dad

Does your dad take extra care to look his best? Don’t you worry because you are not alone and it is actually a good self-confidence booster to take extra care in how you present yourself. An anti-ageing kit will be the best gift for your stylish dad in this case. Yes, there’s a whole kit that comes, including things like a cream, a face pack etc. Your dad already loves you for the gift!

5. For The ‘I Like To Pamper Myself’ Dad

If a good spa session is not fitting in your budget don’t worry, we have something better. An electric massager of any kind should do the trick. Now, you won’t have to keep massaging your appa’s head every now and then because the massager will do that for you. And, at any time he pleases!

Ideas for an extremely low budget:

6. For Dads Who Like Something Personalised

A photo album, a personally made video or even a handmade craft that you think he will appreciate will be welcome. Have you tried painting something for him?

7. For The Trophy Dad

If your father loves trophies get one made for him, which reads something like ‘To the world’s best dad’. It will not only make him feel good but without you having to say a word, all your feelings will be reflected in that trophy.

8. The Personal Kind Of Dad

Does your dad try and spend all the hours of the day with you? A little extra love kind of dads exists too. Instead of fretting go on and spend Father’s Day with your dad. You don’t have to spend much except the bill of a restaurant or something of the likes and that way your dad is happy that you spent some quality time with him.

Which way are you going to surprise your dad this Sunday? Let us know if you have other gift ideas to share in the space given below.

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