7 Defining Moments From 7 Episodes Of ZEE5 Original Series N.E.R.D. You Need To Know Of

Sneha Bale

July 14, 2019


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Episode 1: The Mundane Life


In the latest ZEE5 Original series, N.E.R.D. – Neither Either Really Dead, we are introduced to Hasvanth in the pilot episode. We know him as the regular software employee who has a good job, earns a good salary, has a routine schedule and healthy life yet is alone and lonely. We are automatically drawn to his story. And let us tell you, it’s an interesting one. Watch the episode here.

Episode 2: The Glimmer Of Happiness


When Hasvanth meets Annapurna, the new girl at his regular curry point, we see some sparks flying between the two. As a part of his routine life, Hasvanth meets her every day and we see a glint of happiness in his eyes. Here’s something in the series that’s not so dark. Watch the episode here.

Episode 3: The Beginning Of The Mystery


Soon, Hasvanth himself realises all that’s happening to the girls around him. He does not fear to tell the police what he knows and what does he get in return? A few nights in jail. But why, you ask? That’s where the mystery begins. Watch the episode here.

Episode 4: The Creepy Man


At one point in the jail, Hasvanth ends up being physically intimate with one of the cops involved in his case. Normally, we would expect everyone to take their eyes off the screen when seeing such a thing. But the person-in-charge here keeps staring at the CCTV footage from Hasvanth’s cell without blinking. Creepy, right? Watch the episode here.

Episode 5: Blurring The Truth


Hasvanth is sitting in his jail cell as the cops announce a longer sentence for his friend, Balu. What was his crime exactly? Why did he go to jail? Did he really deserve it? You know very well that he didn’t. Watch the episode here.

Episode 6: The Truth Unveiled


The creepy man staring at the screen had a reason that we know of, in this episode. Hasvanth, as opposed to our and his belief, was not with another woman in his cell. It was all his imagination and hence, the man tried to make sense of what he was seeing. Watch the episode here.

Episode 7: The Darkness


Just as this image gives you an eerie feeling, the episode, too, will have an unsettling effect on you. Why, you ask? Well, words can’t do justice to what lies inside. Watch the episode here.

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