6 Scenes From Episode 1 Of ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D That Will Make You Curious Instantly

Sneha Bale

July 12, 2019


1 min

1. The opening scene

The latest ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. – Neither Either Really Dead is a murder mystery and is layered with many shocking revelations. We list six scenes from the pilot episode that will make you sit down and binge-watch the series.

The show opens with this shot. We see six mud pits that look like graves. It’s a murder mystery. But did the murderer really keep his crime out in the open so well? It gets better ahead.

2. The mundane routine

Next, we are introduced to Hasvanth — the lonely boy who follows the same mundane routine every day. He also happens to be the lead character of the series. A boy with one routine, what could the story really have? Well, too many layers, at the least.

3. The line between creepy and mysterious

Further, Hasvanth tells us that he is not someone who is a part of a crowd. He stands out, not because of any great qualities. But because no one would mingle with him. It seems like he deserves your sympathy. But is he mysterious or just plain creepy?

4. The grand house for one

The classic trick. Every time there is a big house and only person staying there, possibly without spending anything, you know something is cooking. Well, that presumption is only for the purpose of the entertainment world. Mostly, these houses play a role, too.

5. New routines

Suddenly, the mundane life of Hasvanth starts changing. And before we know it, he has a new routine. Talk about ‘too soon, too quick’. What could this new change mean and bring?

6. Almost-conversations

The boy who always went unnoticed at his workplace suddenly starts being recognised, noticed and even followed by another girl. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Why, you ask? Well, wait until the end.

Enjoy your binge-watch session. Or you can check out ZEE5 Original film Ala here.

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