6 Dialogues By Ram Pothineni Which Prove He’s The Quintessential Hero In Pandaga Chesko

Sneha Bale

July 19, 2019


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1. All About Goals


Over the years, Ram Pothineni has established himself as a versatile and powerhouse performer. Be it acting, fighting or dialogue delivery, this boy has proven time and again that everything is cakewalk for him. Today we look at our top six picks from the 2015 Telugu film Padaga Chesko where the superstar won our hearts with his dialogues.

When asked about his goal, the bossy Kartik (Ram) responds saying: “Life lo goal unnodu reach avaga ne relax ayipotadu. Aey goal lenodu, ekadiki ayina dooskelli potadu.” (Someone with a goal will relax as soon as they reach there. But the ones without a goal will go as far as they can.) Truly a boss, right?

2. The Perfect Burn


When his employees fail to deliver the project when asked for, Kartik completes it and asks them to leave. But not without a little comment. He tells them: “Brains elago vadatledu, icchina computers anna vadadam neruchukondi” (You’ll aren’t using your brains anyway, at least learn to use the given computers now.)

3. The Perspective Game


The employees, who also happen to be his cousin, sister and father — in that order — try to explain to Kartik about the delay in the submission, rather cockily. To this, Kartik gives them yet another mini motivational talk with a hard-hitting touch. He says: “Race lo, meeru unna malupu gurinchi aalochistaru, nenu unna gellapu gurinchi aalochistanu.” (You think about the hardships in the race, but I think about the victory after the race.) Motivated yet?

4. The Twist


As required for a masala entertainer, a few goons come to ‘meet’ Kartik. Eventually, the conversation turns into a violent fight. But the fight cannot begin without a few powerful statements. Kartik says: “Dhairyam ainedi blood lo untadi, body lo untadi, family lo untadi, gunde nunchi vache dummulo untadi.” (Confidence is in blood, body, family and in your heart) Powerful, right? But wait. That’s not it. He further adds: “Elanti yedava sollu chepte naaku cheeraku ra.” (Such crappy dialogues annoy me.) Twist? Yes, please! And now… let the fight begin.

5. The Comedy


Our hero can do comedy too, and that too with the maestro, Brahmanandam himself. In a scene, Brahmanandan (Venky) looks at the girl he wants to marry, Sweety (Sonal Chauhan), who is also his boss. That’s when Kartik brings Venky back into sense by saying: “Kallallo nunchi kamam kaaripotundi, cover chesko ra yedava.” (Vulgarity is dripping off of your eyes, cover it, you idiot.) Quite a comment, but it’s all fun and games in the film.

6. A Life Lesson


We need our heroes to be the good boys and to be philosophical. And Kartik does exactly that, after a lot of fun, mischief, comedy and drama. During the climax, he says: “Manaku nachindi correct kadu, nachandi tappu kadu. Ee china logic meku ardham aiyi unte mana kutumbam ela mukkalu aaiyedi kadu.” (Not everything you like is correct and not everything you dislike is wrong. If only you understood this small logic, our family wouldn’t have crumbled.)

This man proves time and again that we crush on him for a reason and justifies it so well, each time. Stay tuned for more such stories. For more entertainment, watch Hyper on ZEE5.

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