5 Lipstick Shades That Are Perfect For Every Mood Inspired By Yukti Kapoor

Agnifera’s Yukti Kapoor will make you pick these lip shades that suit all your moods.

Ashutosh Oak

May 31, 2019


3 min


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most striking features of applying lipstick is that it can instantly change your entire mood and outlook. The shade of your lipstick is a simple way to show the world that you’re in which mood.

Today, there are so many different types of lipsticks. It’s like using a new shade every day. And this is something followed by none other than our favourite TV star Yukti Kapoor aka Agnifera’s Ragini. If we have a close look at her social media account, it can be evidently seen that the actress loves to experiment with lip colours. No doubt, these lipstick shades make Yuktii look more beautiful and stunning in real as well as reel life, have a look:

Source: Instagram

We must say that no look is complete without the perfect lip colour! Just like the actress, we have come up with different lip colours to suit different moods. Take a look in case you weren’t sure what to buy next!

If you’re in a casual mood

The perfect lipstick for this mood is one with a peach shade. This is a great colour for everyday wear, which gives a subtle glow to the face.

Work time

When you’re working at the office, the perfect lipstick to apply during this time is one with a light shade. A nude one makes you look more natural. If you notice closely Yukti’s character as Ragini also uses a very similar shade while shooting for the show Agnifera, have a look:

It’s brunch time

Planning a brunch party with your family or close friends, the perfect lipstick to apply for this mood is light pink shade lipstick. This colour is a beautifully soft and delicate one which gives a nice look to the lips.

Later in the day

The perfect lipstick for this mood is one with a bold shade or dark shade. Berry or mauve shades are perfect for late evenings and go perfectly with all skin tones.

If you’re in a party mood

Being in a party mood is surely the ultimate mood one can be in. And for this occasion, the perfect lipstick to apply is one with bright shade. The one colour which can go perfectly with this is bold red.

That’s all folks! let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

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