These Instagram Posts Of D7’s Meenakshi That Prove She Is A True Sensation

Shruti brings in the element of beauty to the show and every scene that features her is like a brush of beauty and charm.

June 22, 2019


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D7 streaming on ZEE5 and speaks about the problems of the young generation. The series also comes as a realistic take on love with its own set of complexities and obstacles. The characters of the series are also crafted well, so much so that they do leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Now, Meenakshi who plays the part of Shruti in the series is someone who needs to be highlighted here.

Watch D7 series to witness the love story of Isai and Sachin below:

It is a fact that Shruti brings in the element of beauty to the show. Every scene that features her is like a brush of beauty and charm. But before charming the silver screen with her beauty, this actress had predominantly been active on the Instagram where she had been a star and a sensation. In fact, she is known in the Tv industry as an Instagram sensation.

So, let us take a look at five of her posts which prove that she definitely is a show stopper.

1. The evening sunshine:  With a side-profile picture and that subtle smile that captures those fading rays of sunlight, she definitely makes a beautiful sight.

2.. The sensual side: A pose that adds to her beauty with a sensuous look in her eyes and a slight attitude in her pose, she makes it a point to let you know of her presence.

3. Simplicity at its best: Even a simple dress with very little accessories to help her, she still manages to outshine with her beauty.

4. The eyes that speak: The eyes that hold you in its gaze, the perfect vision of beauty that breaks because of her smile that is missing. And yet you feel the complete sense of the enchantress.

So, which among these is your favourite post? Do share your thoughts in the section below.

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