5 Best Scenes From Chinmay Mandlekar And Pritam Kange’s Halal

Rukmini Chopra

May 11, 2019


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1. Halim gets attacked

Halal starring Chinmay Mandlekar, Pritam Kagne and Priyadarshan Jadhav, sheds light on the law of Nikah Halala practised by a certain section of Muslims. There are some hard hitting and emotional scenes in the film, one being where Halim (Pritam) gets attacked by her vicious mother-in-law. It’s here when her husband divorces her through triple talaq, to protect from his mother’s violent ways. The aggression and drama in this scene are spine-chilling, to say the least.

Watch the scene at the beginning of the film here.

2. Halim says Qubool Hai

Nikah Halala involves a female divorcee getting married to another man and spending the night with him so that she can go back to her previous husband. In Halal, Halim is shown getting married off to another man and her previous husband is asked to accept her approval here.

Halim says ‘Qubool Hai,’ in this scene and exchanges a look with her previous partner. The moment is captivating as it makes you empathise with their situation and mull over how ironic the incident is.

3. Maulvi explains the Nikah Halala

When Halim’s father is at a wit’s end as to what he should do with his daughter’s future, he visits a Maulvi played by Chinmay. Here, the man explains the latter the law of Nikah Halala. This scene is important as it spreads awareness about the practice. Chinmay’s act as the understanding and restrained listener is spot on.

His character also points out that triple talaq is being misused by certain Muslim men and that’s not the way the Quran wishes it.

4. Halim's new husband compliments her cooking

Halim is married off to the same Maulvi who made her father aware about the Nikah Halala. The two’s chemistry is appealing and it is in this scene where they break the ice. Halim’s new husband compliments her cooking by saying that her food as ‘lajawaab‘ as her. Smooth! 

5. Halim breaks down

After being tossed from one man to the other and having her faith decided for her, Halim finally breaks down. This scene is the best one in the film where Pritam stands out with her riveting act as a helpless woman, defending herself. 

Watch the film and tell us about your favourite scene from the film in the comments section below.

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