3 Main Supporting Characters Who Made Vikranth And Aarthi’s Marriage Possible In Gattimela


March 27, 2020

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While we cannot contain our happiness for Aarthi and Vikranth from Gattimela who have finally united in spite of so many obstacles thrown at them, here are the main people of the family, who actually made it possible.


Adya, the elder sister of Vedanth and Vikranth, was the first one to see Sarika seated next to Vikranth. When Adya puts the plate full of vermillion water next to the bride’s feet, she sees in the reflection of the water that it is actually Sarika sitting in the place of Aarthi. She also tries to tell Vikranth about the same but he doesn’t listen. Without wasting any time, she goes to Vedanth and tells him the same after which they make a plan to bring Aarthi back without further ado. If she hadn’t paid attention to the reflection, no one would have realised the truth about Sarika.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Vaijayanti Ajji

The dramatic and fun-loving Vaijayanti ajji from Gattimela is not only Vedanth and Vikranth’s grandmother but also the oldest member of the family. When Adya and the rest tell her the truth about Sarika, Ajji tries to stall the wedding so as to give Aarthi more time to come back. Ignoring Suhasini’s insistence to get the two married, Ajji tells her that there are more rituals to be performed and there is no exception. The only reason Druva could bring Aarthi back in time was also that Ajji went to every extent to make sure Sarika does not get married to her grandson.

Ajji From Gattimela
Ajji From Gattimela


Druva avoids Vikranth and Aarthi’s marriage when he discovers that it is his own brother who is getting married and Vedanth would never approve of his presence. He also goes by the name Raja so that no one will identify him. When Aarthi is kidnapped, Amulya discovers that she has been kept at a gym far away from the wedding. She, then, calls Druva who goes to the gym and fights off the rowdies who have held her captive. In spite of being hit on the head, Druva makes sure that Aarthi reaches the wedding hall in time.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

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