Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Sweetu-Omkar’s Current Situation Reminds Us Of Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai-Aditya

Sai and Aditya from Majha Hoshil Na were once in a similar situation like Sweetu and Omkar from Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, here’s how

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May 14, 2021


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Some major drama is going on in Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla lately. Sweetu and Mohit’s engagement is nearing, and Omkar still has no clue that she loves him. Sweetu has agreed to marry Mohit only out of obligation and family pressure. Meanwhile, there is nothing Omkar can do about it other than to accept it. Their situation reminds us of Majha Hoshil Na’s Aditya and Sai before marriage in many ways. Read on.

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Despite loving Omkar, Sweetu has decided to marry Mohit because she’s bound by her mother’s promise to never fall in love. Nalu is convinced that Mohit is the right choice for Sweetu, even though he is clearly not. She is also convinced that Omkar is way out of Sweetu’s league and therefore deserves someone as rich as him. Keeping these things in mind, she has picked Mohit for her daughter and has been pressurizing her to marry him. Not willing to hurt her mom, Sweetu has agreed to spend the rest of her life with a man she doesn’t love.

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It reminds us of Sai and Aditya from Majha Hoshil Na

Sai and Aditya were once in a similar situation as Sweetu and Omkar. Sai was about to get married to Suyash out of obligation as well even though she loved Aditya. Suyash had some dirt on Sai’s father and had threatened to expose him if she didn’t marry him. Feeling helpless, Sai chose to sacrifice her love for Aditya and marry the guy she despised. Just like Sweetu, even she was looking out for her family and chose to marry a man thinking she has no other way out.

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Meanwhile, just like Omkar, Aditya was unaware of Sai’s feelings and even he could not stop them from getting married. Despite loving her, he could not do anything to hurt her family. That is why he tried to accept the situation even if it meant seeing the woman he loved marry someone else. Eventually, thanks to the Mamas, he found out the real reasons and rescued his ladylove from the evil clutches of Suyash.

We hope that just like Aditya, even Omkar finds out the real reason why Sweetu has agreed to marry Mohit. We also wish that Sweetu confesses her feelings soon because we are sure Omkar will get her out of all the problems and even convince Nalu of their marriage! What do you think will happen next?

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