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Would You Support Maryam’s Dream Or Stand Against Her? Take This Mee Raqsam Test

Kenneth Carneiro

August 26, 2020

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The ZEE5 Original Film Mee Raqsam raises an interesting point on religious and personal freedoms. Here’s a test to see where you stand in this subject.

Mee Raqsam is the latest ZEE5 Original film directed by Baba Azmi and presented by Shabana Azmi. The film is the story of a Muslim girl from a small town who tries to learn Bharatnatyam dance. She faces opposition from the conservative Hindu and Muslim elders in the community. Danish Husain plays the role of a father who supports his daughter from the taunts and criticism of society. Naseeruddin Shah as Hashim Seth plays the role of the rich and influential Muslim leader of the community who uses his power to stop a small girl from following her dream.

Watch the trailer for Mee Raqsam here.

Intrigued to know on which side of this important conversation you stand? Take this short test and find out.

Watch the film Mee Raqsam a story of a young girl who goes against society’s norms and traditions to bring about positive change in her community.

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