Will Maza Hoshil Na’s Sai Be Able to Pull Off Diwali Prep at the Brahme’s?

Will Sai be able to pull off the Diwali preparations at Aditya’s house? Read here to find out

Riddhi Adsul

November 11, 2020


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ZEE Marathi’s popular show Maza Hosil Na has kept the fans hooked with the twists and turns happening in Sai (Gautami Deshpande) and Aditya’s life. While Aditya is helping Suyash to win Sai’s heart, the latter has different plans for them. In the upcoming episode for November 11, we will see Sai preparing Diwali snacks at Brahme’s aka Aditya’s house. Pintya Mama and Bandhu Mama ask Sai if she knows how to cook, to which Sai replies in the negative. Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni) laughs at Sai. Meanwhile, Dada Mama tells Meghna’s father that he wants Meghna to become Aditya’s wife. Meghna also agrees and accepts her feelings for Aditya. Well, it will be interesting to see whether Sai will be able to manage the Diwali prep on her own at her future in-law’s place.

Watch the spoiler episode here:

Throughout the show, Sai’s character has often been challenged with difficult adventures. She has always proved her worth. Sai has shown what she is capable of doing and nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. For instances, when Sai took classes from Aditya to ride a cycle, she faced several hurdles. However,  she achieved her target with gracious results. In fact, Sai kept the cycling class a secret from her family. She fell several times but managed to get back on her foot and ride away.

Sai is a strong and quite independent girl. She smartly uses her skills to help Aditya. Remember the time when Aditya was stuck at Malhotra’s party, forced to work as a waiter? Sai rescued him without getting caught by her own father. She made a fantastic and clever plan. She switched off the main electricity switch of the bungalow and pulled Aditya from the chaos.

In the last episode, as Sai’s parents leave her hanging alone at the house during the Diwali, Aditya plans a surprise for her. He calls her and tells her to be ready for a festive surprise. Well, fans surely have an idea what Aditya’s plan could be. Now the question is, will Sai be able to take over Aditya’s challenge to make Diwali snacks? Stay tuned to ZEE5 for upcoming episodes of Maza Hosil Na.

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