Vin Rana Birthday Spl: From His Favourite Co-Star To One Bad Habit, The Poison 2 Actor Spills Beans In This Exclusive Interview

On the occasion of Vin Rana’s birthday, let us delve into his life and get to know him better. From his cheat meal, poison to his favourite co-stars, here’s everything you need to know about him.

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December 16, 2020


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Vin Rana, also known as Vinay Rana, has managed to captivate the audience with his charisma. He became a household after playing the role of Purab Khanna in ZEE TV’s Kumkum Bhagya and created a huge fan base for himself. The actor also featured in ZEE5’s original series Poison 2 and left his fans in awe with his character on the show. On the occasion of Vin Rana’s birthday, let’s delve into his personal life and understand all his favourites. Watch this exclusive interview to find out his poison, favourite cheat food and his favourite co-star. Have a look…

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1. Is Vin Rana a morning or a night person?

If you think the answer is morning then you’re absolutely right! Vin Rana stated that he is a morning person since he likes to wake up early.

2. Did you know Vin has this bad habit…

He wears his jeans twice without washing.

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3. Ever wondered if Vin used his star status to get away?

Yes. He revealed in the interview that he bribed traffic officers because he was speeding. After he mentioned he is an actor, he had to pay a lesser fine.

4. What you do think of Vin? A coffee or tea person?

Those who voted for coffee have hit bingo! Vin revealed that he is a coffee person and mostly prefers black coffee.

5. Want to know Vin’s favourite workout?

The actor revealed that he prefers to hit the gym rather than the other forms of fitness training. He also prefers running to keep himself fit.

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6. Vin reveals this is his cheat meal…

A cheat day calls for junk food and that’s what Vin believes in. During his cheat day, he likes to munch on some burgers, pizzas, cakes, icecreams and gulp down soft drinks such as Coke.

7. Ever wondered what is Poison 2 actor‘s Poison?

Vin revealed that he is like an open book. Hence everyone knows him too well. He stated that this advantage is his biggest poison.

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8. Vin Rana admires these two Co-stars

Vin revealed that Pooja Chopra and Zain Imam are his favourite co-stars. He said that Pooja is a fun person and takes everything in a positive manner. On the other hand, he shares a very deep bond with Zain and they are like brothers. He also stated that since they hail from Delhi, they have a lot in common.

9. One unknown fact of the actor?

Vin revealed that he is very spiritual and not many people know this about him.

10. Are you wondering what is Vin’s favourite quote?

He stated that he lives by the quote “Keep working hard without any expectations”. Vin believes that when you don’t have any expectations, you tend to give your hundred per cent.

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11. Who is Vin’s 3 am friend?

This answer will shock all of Vin’s fans. He has no 3 am friend as he calls it a day by 10 pm and wakes up at 6 am.

12. Wondering what is Vin’s spirit animal?

The actor revealed that a lizard is his spirit animal.

13. Here’s how Vin describes himself in three words

When asked to describe himself using three words, Vin stated that he is compassionate, hard-working and loving.

14. What sets Oscar( Vin’s character in Poison 2) different from the rest?

He revealed that Oscar is bisexual. He is witty and charming and knows his way around all the tech stuff like hacking computers etc. All these qualities set him apart from the rest.

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15. Didn’t watch Poison 2 yet? Vin reveals why you should watch it

He stated that the show is full of twists and turns. Poison 2 has a very intriguing and engaging storyline that will leave you hooked till the end. Also, the climax of the show will leave you stunned.

16. Lastly, what is Vin’s best learnings from Poison 2?

The actor stated that it was his best experience as he got to learn so many things. Vin spoke about how he got to work with a senior actor Aftab Shivdasani and the rest of the cast who were very supportive. He also mentioned the director of the show Vishal Pandya and stated that he got to learn many things from him. Vin revealed that every single day was a different learning experience for him.

Head over to ZEE5 to catch Vin Rana in action in Poison 2!

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