Vilayti Bhabhi: 4 Reasons Why Kanwalpreet Singh’s Character Sandy Is A True Bechara


May 28, 2020


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1. His innocent face

In the Punjabi TV serial Vilayti Bhabhi, Sandy (played by Kanwalpreet Singh) earned a lot of respect from his pindwale for coming back from Canada and getting married to a gori mem like Emily (played by Isha Gupta). But while he was happily surprised and was enjoying all the praises and importance,  he got to know that his family wanted him to go back to Canada. But Sandy can’t do that as he is not successful there and so, he plans to stay in the pind. You pity Sandy but there are other things too that make him more bechara than the rest. We listed down the reaons.

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Sandy has the perfect puppy-face and whenever he gets sad or if he is in a dilemma, you’ll feel pity for him and kudiyan te maardi honi ejhi puppy face wale munde te. His child-like confused expression always works in his favour. Even his family, friends and Emily — all of them fall into his schemes. 

2. The situations

Like we said earlier, Sandy came to his pind to settle down, but his Beeji and mother want him to go back to Canada and keep growing. He wants to earn money in his hometown, but Beeji hosts a family get together, leading to Sandy’s loss. A while later, Emily plans to open a grooming school, but the Sarpanchini doesn’t give permission to go ahead. Just when Sandy feels everything is working in his favour, something goes wrong and creates a new problem for him. 

3. His friends and family

Sandy Bechara kyu nahi hai?  He is always surrounded by a bunch of buffoons. From a self-obsessed Nawab…oh sorry Nawab Saab, to Sawaal Singh to Jackson to Goldie, wannabe rapper Guttu, his pyaari panicking Maa and his ‘safli’ queen Beeji — all of them are quite some characters. Now who can survive with them, only a bechara na?

4. Emily herself

You can have a debate on this with your worst enemy or best friend but somewhere even Emily has also turned Sandy into a bechara. Not that he is not happy with her, but Sandy always has to be around her to explain or translate what people are saying to her or what she’s saying to them. Apart from that he even has to manage her grooming class, while ensuring Emily should not get to know the real reason behind conducting a grooming class. 

Sandy and his tactics put him and others in trouble but it’s funny to watch the confusion and the funny scenes that follow. 

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