VIDEO: Suman Dey’s Hilarious Take On The Bitter Cold This Year Is A Must Watch

Watch this fun take by Nakshi Kantha’s Jash as you shiver in the biting cold.

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January 3, 2020


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In the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, actor Suman Dey plays the role of the serious Dr Jashojit. But in real life though, Suman is known for his quirky personality. His social media accounts are full of funny videos – sometimes with co-stars like Manali Dey (who plays Shabnam in the serial) and sometimes with other actors from the show. Be it a motivating post about his workouts or making everyone laugh with his TikTok videos, this actor never fails to surprise his fans.

While Suman is known to be a fitness enthusiast who never misses even a single day of exercise, the actor is also known for his quick wit and humour. And his videos range on everything that is topical. So why should the freezing winter that Bengal is experiencing right now be exempt from his list, right?

The weather is definitely getting colder. While it has rained in some places, we are yet to see that really biting cold even though the mercury is still quite low. Trust Suman to make a video ridiculing our condition in this extreme weather.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, check it out here:

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This video made by Suman shows the plight of every single person not just in West Bengal, but in other parts of the country too where it is really cold. The acute drop in temperature has left everyone trembling and how. In this video, Suman wraps himself in a thick blanket, pretending to be shivering due to the cold. His acting skills here will leave everyone in splits and we can guarantee that!

While the actor’s stint may be a direct take on how the winter has left all of us helpless, Suman’s sense of humour has managed to entertain us and add a spin to the situation. And we are grateful for that, right guys?

Watch him in Nakshi Kantha below.

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