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Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala’s Dhanashri Kadgaokar Urges Fans To Support Madhuri Pawar As The New Vahini Saheb

Riddhi Adsul

October 30, 2020

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Madhuri Sawant has replaced Dhanashri as Nandita on the popular show.

The recent episode of Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala saw Nandita’s return to the village. However, fans were surprised to see Madhuri Pawar as Nandita. Originally, the role was portrayed by Dhanashri Kadgaokar, but she recently quit the show. Madhuri Pawar stepped into Dhanashri’s shoes and here’s what the latter has to request her fans.

On October 28, Dhanashri Kadgaokar took to her Instagram handle and shared a video urging her fans to support the new Nandita, Madhuri Pawar. The video begins with Dhanashri greeting “Namaskar” to all her fans. She says everyone must have already seen the new episode, the return of Nandita aka ‘Vahini Saheb’.

Talking about her role, Dhanashri Kadgaokar said she had been playing Nandita for last three years and she enjoyed it a lot. She also added that fans loved her character and she was showered with praises for her portrayal. Dhanashri further shared that now there has come a new phase in her life, referring to her pregnancy, and she cannot continue her role.

Dhanashri also told her fans that instead of her, now Madhuri Pawar will portray Nandita aka Vahini Saheb in Tuzhyat Jeev RangalaShe said, “so, I am just requesting you all that the kind of love and blessing you showered me with, similarly have her back as well”. Kadgaokar also added, “Similarly keeping watching Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala and shower love on this project. Keep watching Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala from Monday To Saturday at 7:30 Pm. Thank you so much.”

Dhanashri Kadgaokar’s Instagram video:

Dhanashri penned Vahini Saheb’s famous dialogue in the caption. She wrote, “वाहिनिसाहेबांचा नाद करायचा नाई.. पाहात राहा तुझ्यात जीव रंगला फक्त झी मराठी वर.” (Do not mess with Vahini Saheb… Keep watching Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala only on Zee Marathi).

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