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Tuzhat Jeev Rangala: An Intoxicated Rana Is Buried Alive! Watch Promo

Ankita Tiwari

August 10, 2020

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Anjali and Rana are fooled by Nivrutti and his minions. When Rana and Anjali fall unconscious, Nivrutti tries to bury Rana alive!

In the recent episodes of the dynamic love story of Rana (Hardeek Joshi) and Anjali (Akshaya Deodhar), we saw how the evil Nivrutti tried to divide and conquer! Zee Marathi’s Tuzhat Jeev Rangala is an interesting show with a super-gripping storyline. Rana Da and Anjali Bai have been an ideal couple all along. Even when the evil Vahini aka Anjali’s sister-in-law (Dhanashri Kadgaonkar) decided to rip them apart by ending Rana’s life, Anjali and Rana found their way back to each other. But Vahini Saheb’s maternal uncle is a step ahead in his conniving plans. To avenge the jail term of his niece, Nivrutti has decided to destroy Anjali and Rana’s happy lives. He has very cleverly pitted them against each other by making Anjali suspicious of Rana and now killing Rana saying that Anjali was in on the plan all along!

Watch an episode of the show here.

In the latest episode, we saw how Rana burned the godown from which Nivrutti ran his business. He also turned up against Nivrutti in a full-fledged fight. But the devil struck Rana’s weakness–Anjali. He asked Madhuri to add an intoxication pill to the kheer that Rana and Anjali were about to eat! When they both became intoxicated, Nivrutti came along with his minions Papya and Sangram, who tied up Rana in a sack and buried him in a pit. Will Anjali be able to save his life?

Even if he manages to evade the God of Death once again, will Rana and Anjali’s relationship survive this storm? Stay tuned to find out!

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