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Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani Taking Up A New Identity To Seek Her Revenge Reminds Us Of Vidya Balan From Kahaani

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 10, 2021

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Here is why we think Kalyani’s new identity and her way of seeking revenge is quite similar to Vidya’s from Kahaani.

Zee TV’s popular serial Tujhse Hai Raabta stars Reem Shaikh as Kalyani and Sehban Azim as Malhar in the lead roles. In the show, we recently saw that Kalyani escaped from the clutches of Inspector Meenakshi with the help of Malhar and disappeared. After some time, Malhar came across a woman Vaijanti who looked exactly like Kalyani but she actually hailed from South India and is married to a Punjabi man called Param. Later it is revealed that Vaijanti is none other than Kalyani (of course) who took up the new identity in order to catch Sunita and take her revenge. Kalyani’s plan reminded us of Vidya from Kahaani who also took the help of a new identity to seek revenge.

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Vidya and Kalyani both took up a new identity 

In Kahaani, Vidya took up a new identity of Vidya Bagchi whereas she was actually Vidya Basu. She even uses a prosthetic belly in order to give the impression that she is pregnant. She had used the pregnancy as a tool to avoid suspicion. In the same way, Kalyani also took up the identity of Vaijanti in order to succeed in her plan. She took up the identity of a South Indian woman who is pregnant and lives with her Punjabi husband and mother-in-law. Just like Vidya, Kalyani’s aim was also to look more vulnerable with the pregnant belly. Kalyani even worked on her diction and added a South Indian accent to her way of talking so that her identity is more believable.

Kalyani in Tujhse Hai Raabta
Source: ZEE5

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Vidya and Kalyani both showed someone else as their husbands

In Kahaani, Vidya introduced herself as Vidya Bagchi and told everyone around her that she was looking for her missing husband, Arnab Bagchi and showed a photo from her wedding. It was later revealed that the man in the photo was actually Damji, the man responsible for the death of Vidya’s real husband, Arup, and many others in a Metro incident. She had photoshopped Damji’s photo with Arup’s so that she can have easier access to Damji and conceal her identity too.

Vidya, Kalyani and Param
Source: ZEE5

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In Tujhse Hai Raabta, Kalyani introduced Param as her husband when she took up the new identity of Vaijanti. Param is actually a police officer and has been working undercover in order to catch Sunita. Kalyani even refused to acknowledge Malhar as her husband and concealed her identity even from him.

Kalyani and Vidya both succeeded in seeking revenge

In Kahaani, Vidya finally found Damji when he tries to meet her in order to get the data against him that she posses. Vidya kills him by stabbing and shooting him and thus she succeeded in getting her revenge for killing her husband and her unborn child. Kalyani too succeeded in her quest, with Sunita’s arrest and her confessing to her crimes in front of them. Both the ladies did a very daring and courageous job by killing their enemies.

Vidya and Kalyani
Source: ZEE5

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