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Top 5 web series on Zee5 with strong female roles

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September 19, 2021

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Female actors giving stellar performances in these top 5 web series currently available on Zee5. These are not limited to only playing the love interest the male star. These 5 web series are where female stars completely shine.

Women, particularly in Indian cinema, are no longer considered to work under male lead actors.  There are many instances of times when only men were cast in leading roles, but that is no longer the case. The role of a strong woman does not demand her to fight with swords, but it does have a deep meaning that captivates the audience.

If you want to have a reflective Sunday and enjoy strong female characters, here are the top five Zee5 web series about women that have altered our perceptions of them:


Director: Sahil Raza
Language: Hindi
Cast: Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra
Genre: Drama, Romance
Seasons: one
Episodes: eleven

The Married Woman, an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama web series directed by Sahil Raza is a story of two women Astha and Peeplika set in the 1990s, where Astha is a dedicated housewife and mother. Peeplika is depicted as an outspoken artist who has never been impressed by traditional routines. It is composed of 11 episodes in one season. Let’s start with the movie’s content and theme. Because it’s based on a book, the Married Woman is more story-driven than character-driven. The web series has several subplots that deal with a homemaker’s struggle to be a free woman in India. While watching Ashta’s heartfelt journey, a single viewer may experience a variety of emotions. As the creators of The Married Woman series invite you to join Astha on her journey to find herself as she defies society’s boundaries. The Married Woman take on LGBTQIA+ is far more romantic than any other Bollywood series.


Director: Sonam Nair
Language: Hindi
Cast: Dia Mirza
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Seasons: one
Episodes: eight

Kaafir an Indian Hindi-language Drama thriller web series is directed by Sonam Nair and written by Bhavani Iyer. The series consists of eight episodes of only one season. Kainaaz Akhtar lead actress, a woman from Pakistan-administered Kashmir, ends up on the Indian side of the Line-of-Control in this series. Due to cross-border tensions, Zee 5’s web series Kaafir explores the inhumane situation of Pakistani prisoners in India who are “mistakenly” classified as militants. Kaafir boldly attempts to tell the story of a Hindu taking up the cause of a Muslim from across the border at a time when India-Pakistan relations are tense and hyper-nationalism dominates Indian politics. The series emphasizes how inter-state rivalries have harmed lives on both sides of the divide, and it questions the anti-Pakistan sentiment that has dominated dinner-table discussions and news debates in recent years. 

Director: Pushpa Ignatius
Language: Telugu
Cast: Aamla Akkineni
Genre: Paranormal Drama
Seasons: one
Episodes: eight

High Priestess, written and directed by Pushpa Ignatius, is a paranormal thriller starring Aamla Akkineni as Swati Reddy, a woman who practices tarot card reading and possesses psychic abilities. In the series, she is portrayed as a strong female protagonist who uses her privilege of being able to communicate with the dead to help her clients. The main story starts with her being perplexed when she discovers herself captivated by a missing person’s situation that leads her to the pasts of many of her clients. The engrossing screenplay keeps you bonded to the movie, despite the fact that the story is average and has some loose ends. The 8-episode ZEE5 Original Telugu series is perfect for binge-watching.


Director: Akshay Choubey
Language: Hindi
Cast: Jennifer Winget
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Seasons: one
Episodes: eight

Code M is legal drama thriller, directed by Akshay Choubey and produced by Ekta Kapoor. Jennifer Winget stars as Monica Mehra, an Indian lawyer who uncovers a conspiracy plot while investigating a military encounter trial in this drama mystery series. The plot revolves around a shootout in which an army officer, as well as two terrorists are killed. As she continues her investigations, new information emerges that complicates the case. This incredible web series serves as a homage to the Indian army’s brave men and women. Jennifer Winget’s outstanding performance as Monica Mehra astounds the audience, as she plays the role with conviction and originality. It’s a great watch for anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery, and the series’ focus on women’s empowerment creates it among the best Zee5 series for strong female leads.


Director: Sachindra Vats
Language: Hindi
Cast: Shilpa Shinde
Genre: History, Drama
Seasons: one
Episodes: seven

Our last recommendation for the weekend is a fictional tale of Paurashpur which is currently available on  Zee5. It is a  historical drama series directed by Sachindra Vats and starring Shilpa Shinde as Queen Meerawati. Shilpa Shinde gives a stellar performance and grabs the attention of the audience with her originality. The story is set in the fictional city of “Paurashpur,” which was ruled by King Bhadra Pratap Singh in the 16th century, and where men were considered on a higher pedestal and women had no stand in society. This series follows Queen Meerawati, who decides to take command and stands against the kingdom’s patriarchal norms, which treat women as slaves and objects to satisfy men’s lustful desires.

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