Throwback Thursday: 4 of the best evil plans that almost worked out for Ganga and Priyanka on Chembarathi that we all loved

Ganga and Priyanka are attacking Thrichambarath with their evil plans. Do you think they will succeed in defeating Akhilandeshwari?

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October 29, 2020


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With their back-to-back plans against Thrichambarath Ganga (Haritha Nair) and Priyanka (Neenu Thomas) got closer to their goal of defeating Akhilandeshwari (Thara Kalyan). Even with the constant challenges from Anand, the evil duo seemed to outsmart him almost all the time. Priyanka has returned to the Malayalam TV show announcing an all-out battle to shake Thrichambarath by its foundation. For everyone who enjoys the amazing presence of the Nagamadam sisters on the show, here are #4 of the best evil plans that almost worked out for them on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi.

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#1 Ganga’s plan to kill Krishnan

Ganga from Chembarathi (Source:ZEE5)
Ganga from Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Priyanka sends Ganga a bottle of poison to kill Krishnan in his sleep. Their plans are ruined by Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) who eavesdrop on their conversation to execute the cruel murder. As Ganga fixes the bottle of poison on the AC vent, Kalyani quickly switches off the power supply, thus saving Krishnan’s life.

#2 Priyanka makes Ganga electrocute Kalyani

Vilasin Ganga and Jayanthi wait for Kalyani to fall into their trap (Source:ZEE5)
Vilasini, Ganga and Jayanthi wait for Kalyani to fall into their trap (Source: ZEE5)

Another cruel plan from Priyanka and Ganga was them joining Vilasini to kill Kalyani. They fix a short circuit in the kitchen and waits for Kalyani to use the sink. Kalyani feels something wrong in her gut as Krishnan approaches the sink to wash his hands. Kalyani rushes in to save him but ends up getting electrocuted. Thanks to Anand’s timely intervention, this plan from Priyanka also fails.

#3 Priyanka’s goons attack Anand

Priyanka begs for mercy (source:ZEE5)
Priyanka begs for mercy (Source: ZEE5)

One of the most intense moments on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi was when Anand is attacked by Priyanka’s goons in Mumbai. The sudden attack hospitalises Anand but yet again she fails in ending his life. Akhilandeshwari’s intervention brings more trouble for Priyanka as she is made to beg for her mercy.

#4 Ganga’s drama after the brand ambassador competition

Ganga snatches Akhila's gun (Source:ZEE5)
Ganga snatches Akhila’s gun (Source: ZEE5)

As Kalyani wins the brand ambassador competition, Priyanka is quick to make a plan to save Ganga from Akhila’s wrath. When Akhila points a gun at Ganga for failing, she is quick to snatch the gun and point it at herself, threatening to commit suicide. Akhila’s heart melts in front of Ganga’s drama thus forgiving her for her past mistakes.

Which was your favourite moment from Ganga and Priyanka on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi? Tell us in the comments below!

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