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Throwback Thursday: 4 most striking scenes from the latest TV serial Jamuna Dhaki that you will enjoy re-watching


October 8, 2020

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These scenes from Jamuna Dhaki stand out and really leave their mark! Check them out.

In the latest Zee Bangla serial Jamuna Dhaki, actor Sweta Bhattacharya plays the lead character Jamuna, a brave woman who ventures into the field of drumming. Playing the grand dhak (drum) at festivals is a profession dominated primarily by men. This is because the nature of the job is rather physically exhausting, given the weight and size of the instrument. However, Jamuna pulls this off with ease while also dealing with several people who frown upon her choice! Jamuna would play the dhak at Sangeet’s (played by Rubel Das) house when he first met her and fell in love with her. We got you these scenes from Jamuna Dhaki which you will enjoy watching over and over again.

1. A fire and a surprise

In this highly charged scene, Sangeet catches the person who had been trying to set one part of the house on fire! Moments later, Mr Ray, Sangeet’s father, is greeted by a surprise. He goes in to see his son in the bridal and instead of Arya, he finds Jamuna there with him. His reaction upon seeing Jamuna slowly as she turns around after he had been talking to whom he thought was Arya all the while, is priceless!

2. Jamuna asks Mr Ray to play the dhak

When Jamuna finds out that her elderly mother had played the dhak all night on the orders of Mr Ray because everybody else was engaged, she is furious. She asks Mr Ray to pick up the dhak and try to play it himself, so that he may see how difficult it really is. Everyone is stunned by Jamuna’s audacity, and even her parents and Sangeet wish that she could just forgive him and let it go.

3. Jamuna beats the odds

In this riveting scene from Jamuna Dhaki, Jamuna is quite weak because of her injury. However, she is determined to honour her commitment and play the dhak at an event. She makes a concerted effort to heave herself over and pick up the large drum. In her mind, she hears her mother’s encouragement and her critics’ jeers. Motivated, she pulls herself up and strikes the dhak with all her might! You will want to cheer for her throughout!

4. Mr Ray is asked to bless Jamuna

After Jamuna has come into Sangeet’s house as his wife, Sangeet’s grandmother and other family members tell Mr Ray that it is his turn to bless Jamuna, as he claims he has finally accepted her as his daughter-in-law. This one is a suspenseful scene! Will Mr Ray agree to bless Jamuna in front of everybody?

Which of these scenes from Jamuna Dhaki did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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